Life On The Edge.

Good morning everyone on this another beautiful day which is sunny and very warm which I do like

This is my little friend GPS, he likes the warmer weather also.

and quite unlike yesterday which was certainly opposite to today and therefore not quite so beautiful though some people actually seemed to like it but it was a very cold day for the first week of August when it shouldn’t be so cold as that and it made it very cold in my little apartment also which made for a very uncomfortable sleep last night as I was shivering too much to sleep at times and why didn’t I just put another blanket on my bed you might ask and the answer is really simple because all my blankets are packed away for the summer and they are not easy to get at except one but then it isn’t exactly easy neither even though it is easier to get at but it is hard to get at if you know what I mean and sorry but it is rather hard to explain that one and I didn’t really want to spend a lot of time getting another blanket since I would then be too awake to sleep which would make for an uncomfortable night and instead I opted for not digging out a blanket and instead have an uncomfortable night anyway and, and…sigh.  I guess that really didn’t make sense.  Oh well.  That’s me. I don’t usually make sense anyway.  But at least I have discovered my real area of expertise.  What is it you ask?  Stupidity!  I am definitely an expert at being stupid.  And I don’t even have to try.  It just comes naturally.  Nice to have something that I don’t need to really work at.  Which is where the title of today’s ‘musings’ comes to play.  And stupidity.  Naturally.  Life on the edge.  Of the bathtub.  Which is where I was.  For a while at least.  I was changing the rings holding up the shower curtains.  These curtains were here when I moved in.  As well as the rings holding the shower curtains in place.  Except they were not doing so.  They were the worst curtain rings I have ever seen.  They were not much of a ring.  They barely sat on the curtain rod.  And EVERY time I pulled those shower curtains some of the rings would fall off.  And I would put them back on.  I finally got tired of that and decided to replace them.  I am short.  So the only way to change those curtain rings was to stand on the edge of the bathtub.  Which is actually quite narrow compared to some.  Not really a good idea.  At least for me.  But remember, my area of expertise is stupidity.  So I went ahead and did it.  For a brief time.  Then I lost my balance.  That part wasn’t so fun at the time.  But thinking back on it I must have looked quite comical.  First one leg went flying in the air.  With both hands waving wildly at nothing.  Then the other leg went flying in the air.  Fortunately the first leg was back on the bathtub.  Arms still waving frantically not being able to reach anything solid to hold onto.  Then the other leg went flying in the air again.  That’s when things went rather bad.  Because now both legs were in the air and both arms waving crazily at nothing which of course meant that I was totally airborne and since I don’t have wings I came down rather quickly landing in the bathtub.  With a loud thud.  This is one of those acrylic tubs.  Meaning plastic.  Fortunately it didn’t break.  Which was good.  Might have been hard to explain that to my landlord.  Sigh.  It was a rather painful experience.  But lying on my bed and thinking about how that must have looked really did get me laughing.  Which did not really help the pain.  But it was funny.  So I laughed more.  Sigh. I do strange things sometimes.  And I don’t even try.  Just comes natural.  Like yesterday. I’m not supposed to lift or move heavy objects.  Meaning nothing over 5 pounds.  Right.  Like that’s going to happen.  I don’t think my doctor really expects me to do that.  So yesterday I moved some items a bit heavier than 5 pounds.  One was probably closer to 75 pounds.  So why did I do such a thing.  Didn’t really have a choice in the matter.  But I won’t get into that.  Just had to be done.  Sigh.  I finally figured a while back that I really should listen to what my doctor says.  However, I don’t have a doctor anymore.  So that means I don’t really need to listen to my doctor since I don’t have a doctor to listen to so how can I listen to someone that isn’t there?  Right?  I think.  As I said, I’m stupid.  And an expert at it too.  Speaking of someone that isn’t there, a couple of nights ago….  Rats.  Times up.  Maybe next time.  If I remember.  But if not I won’t since I can’t if I don’t.  Until next time, enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

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