I Forgot To Remember.

Good morning once again to all my faithful readers and any new readers who might decide to try something a little different than normal and indeed this spot is certainly different but then that is the idea since there are a lot of blogs/sights where things are normal writing about things that are normal but I like to be a bit different.  Or something.  Though I must admit that sometimes being normal can be nice and I did try to be normal once.  Worst minute of my life.  Sigh.  I have discovered another thing that I am an expert at, that is, forgetting.  I always forget to remember.  And I always remember to forget.  So that also makes me good at remembering.  Even if I only remember one thing.  To forget.  Do it all the time.  Daily.  Every day.  Many times a day. The day started off strange.  Sir George didn’t arrive until 5:50 this morning.  Except it turned out not to be Sir George.  One of his friends instead.  Sir George didn’t arrive until much later.  Very odd.  He is always first.  And earlier.  Even the crows were odd.  They were up much earlier than normal, 5:20, but they did not come to the feeder like normal. Just flew around cawing to each other.  For an hour.  My chipmunks are gone.

This little critter is Rusty.

All four of them now.  LB has succeeded in chasing them away.  His brothers, Whitey and Jasper, still come around.  But only when LB isn’t around.  And Patches has started coming back once in a while.

This is Patches, she looks a lot better now that her summer coat is normal.

Again, only when LB isn’t around.  Sigh.  But my chipmunks have given up.  Sigh.  But speaking of forgetting to remember or remembering to forget I did manage to remember what I forgot so before I forget to remember I better finish what I started a while back.  Quite a while back.  It was a beautiful, sunny and very warm day and dad and I were out fishing which we did do a lot back then and this was a long time back and the lake was very calm at this time and the fishing was also very calm meaning that nothing was happening since the fish were not cooperating and that was probably because it was a very warm day which never seemed to be a good time for fishing at least on some lakes and this was obviously one of those lakes where the fish seemed to be on vacation but there on the hill as we came around into a small bay was the remains of an old log cabin which naturally got me excited since this was a time when I was collecting antique bottles and an old place like this was a good spot to look for such things and perhaps other things as well.  Since fishing was not doing so well we headed over toward the shore.  It became quite shallow so dad stopped the motor and we quietly moved toward a nice spot.  We stopped with a slight thud and I jumped out.  I quickly pulled the boat a bit onto the shore so I could tie it to a nearby tree.  For some odd reason dad had been standing up at the back of the boat.  All I heard was dad saying, NO!  Then a rather large SPLASH!  The water was only a couple feet deep, nice sand bottom.  And the water was really quite nice, as far as temperature goes.  Dad came up.  BONEHEAD!, was all he said.  As you know I had figured out that whenever dad said that it meant he was enjoying himself.  Why else would he say it?  And he did mention being hot.  So maybe he wanted to cool off.  Apparently not however.  You always tell me not to stand up in the boat, said I.  Guess that shows why not, I continued, smiling.  Trying very hard not to laugh actually.  Amazing how you always find a way to get wet whenever we go out on our excursions, I said.  Probably because I always have YOU along, said dad.  Not sure what he meant by that.  How did you manage to keep your hat on when you jumped in?, I asked.  Dad always wore a hat.  Usually it falls off.  Or he knocks it off somehow.  This time it stayed on.  Amazing.  It has been quite hot.  For us anyway.  This afternoon it suddenly turned cool.  Going to be very cool tonight and tomorrow.  Such a quick change. Sigh.  Oh well.  Something else I forgot to remember.  But that will have to wait.  As long as I don’t remember to forget.  I think.  Sigh.  Enjoy the week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.


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