Summer Is Ending. Already?

Good morning one and all and everyone else too on this beautiful though very smoky day in August!  Nice and short this time.

Canada goose 1
The Canada goose, a summer resident that many people love to hate. Odd.

My brain isn’t working too well.  Which is kind of normal these days.  Half the time I can’t think.  The other half I’m not thinking.  Add them together and that doesn’t leave me with too many days to think.  I think.  Sigh.  The step outside my door is currently a 13 inch drop.  For those of you who prefer the archaic method of measurement it’s still 13 inches.  You figure it out.  I can’t think.  Remember?  For me that is a big drop.  That’s because the step that used to be there no longer is there because it was so rotten it broke there so I had to remove it from there before I broke my neck there or maybe my back there and I didn’t feel like doing that there so a new one had to be built there which it was but now had to be painted but not there or I would not be able to get out of here and go anywhere so it had to be moved over there to be painted before it could be moved back here so it will be there when I step out the door which right now is rather a dangerous thing to do until it is moved back there so I can step out there more easily.  Managed to whack my back no less than 4 times going out the door today because that step wasn’t there.  I won’t start that again.  Too hard to think.  Especially today.  Hard to believe that summer is nearly over.  The main bunch of tourists have gone.  The town is quite quiet now.  Amazing.  Hectic last week.  Not much this week.  Short summer around here.  Even the birds are leaving.  Two different species are on the way, both about 2 weeks earlier than normal.  Sir George and mate have gone.  Actually all the gulls except for Henry.  And I don’t imagine he will stay here much longer.  I’m talking about the gulls that come to my bird feeder.  There are still gulls around town and will be for a long time yet.  I hope.  On the plus side Rusty and Chester, 2 of my chipmunks, have returned.  They are not quite as brave as before.  But hopefully that will change.  They returned because LB, the new top squirrel, has not been around as much lately.  Which is fine.  Yes, I know.  The continuing story will be back on Monday.  Maybe.  If I remember to think about it.  But since my thinking isn’t working too well….  But hopefully.  Anyway, enjoy your weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

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