Stuff. And Chipmunks.

Good morning to everyone of my readers!  Or whatever time of day it is where you live.  To me it’s still morning.  No matter what time of day.  Which, of course, you already know.  Unless, of course, you have not been reading these posts for very long.  For those of you in that position, I am a morning person.  I like morning.  Best time of day.  Even if you don’t like mornings.  Still the best time of day.  Try it for a while.  You just might start to enjoy it.  Or not.  Sigh.  As you know, some of my chipmunks have come back.  That’s because LB (short for nasty little squirrel) doesn’t come around much anymore.  So that is nice.  Plus, a new little chipmunk has arrived.  Obviously a young one from this year now on his own.  He was very much afraid of me for a while.  Then on Friday as I was sitting on the steps feeding the other chipmunks the new one showed up on the steps, spotted me and took off.  But he came back.  He wanted to get past me to go to the step by the door where he has obviously found peanuts before.  Finally he ran past.  He found no peanuts.  So I put one on the top step.  He ran past me again.  Then stopped.  Turned and went over to the peanut, grabbed it, and took off as fast as he could.  This happened four times.  Then I held the peanut.  He stopped.  Came over cautiously.  He sniffed my hand quite a bit, then took the peanut and took off.  But he kept coming back.  Today is Monday.  He is now coming up on my lap to get the peanuts just like the others, no longer afraid.  Not bad.  Speaking of odd things.  I was just cleaning up a bit today when the left side of my neck got stiff.  That was odd.  Only the left side of my neck.  Odd indeed.  But then, odd things are always happening to me.  Speaking of stuff.  And that really would take awhile.  Especially since I have so much stuff.  And I mean a lot of stuff.  Stuff that I don’t even know I have.  Stuff that I know I have but can’t find.  Due to so much stuff getting in the way of other stuff so that when I go looking for stuff then stuff gets in the way and I can’t find the stuff I want to find because it is hidden by the stuff I don’t want to find when I look for the stuff that I do want to find and it’s enough to make me pull my hair, bang my head against the wall, jump up and down, trip over stuff, fall down and, and…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s okay.  I’m calm. I’m fine.  Sigh.  How do I get so much stuff?  Now I’m not talking about normal every day useful kind of stuff.  Just stuff.  It might be useful some day kind of stuff.  But it never is.  Useful I mean.  It just sits around taking up space.  But it might be useful some day I say.  But it never is.  Months go by.  Years go by.  But I might need it some day.  I never do.  It just sits around taking up space.  But if I throw it out then I will need it the very next day.  Or week.  Or month.  Or year.  But I never do need it.  It just sits around taking up space.  Some of this stuff I only see when I move.  Admittedly I do move a lot.  So I see it a lot.  I pack it.  I unpack it.  Then it sits around taking up space.  Until I move again.  Then I pack it again.  And unpack it again.  It’s enough to make me pull my hair, bang my head against the wall, jump up and down, roll on the floor and, and…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s okay.  I’m calm.  I’m fine.  Sigh.  That’s enough.  Stuff I mean.  Now I am getting rid of all this ‘useful’ stuff that never is useful even though I ‘might need’ it some day but I know I never will because I never do so now it is going OUT!  Gone.  No more.  Mind you, it might take a while.  There is a lot of stuff.  Sigh.  One time in a hundred I might actually use some of this stuff.  And it won’t be there.  Fine.  Then I will go out and get more.  But at least it won’t be sitting around taking up space for the next ten years waiting for that one in a hundred possibilities that I might use that stuff and I know I WON’T.  Sigh.  Stuff.  And more stuff.  It’s going to be gone.  Speaking of fall.  It feels like fall today.  Cool, only 57F.  Or 14C for those who prefer the archaic method.  Leaves are turning yellow.  Whole trees of leaves.  Lots of leaves on the ground after that big storm last night.  Birds flocking.  Many have already headed south.  Sigh.  That cold season is coming.  Oh well.  I hope you all enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin and Chipmunks.


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