How Does It Happen? Sigh.

Good morning everyone out there providing you are reading this otherwise I can’t say good morning if you are not reading this and I really hope that you are reading this otherwise…hmm, there goes my opening sentence.  Sigh.  Lost track of what I wasn’t saying before I had a chance to not say it so therefore I won’t bother trying to remember what it was I was going to say since it likely wasn’t important anyway.  Sigh.  It’s fall.  Or autumn, if you prefer.  There is definitely a coolness in the air even though the days are warm and sunny.  But there is still a noticeable coolness.  Things are suddenly different than summer.  Of course there is the obvious.  The changing colors.  Birds are heading south.  Other birds are coming in to replace them.  The blue jays are busy now.  And noisy.  And looking for food.  Always looking for food.  But they can be good to have around.  If any danger enters the area, such as a hawk, they let everyone know.  And everyone takes heed.  Heading to the nearest place of safety.  Which for Sylvester, one of my chipmunks, meant cuddling in as close to me as he could, hiding in close to my right arm and behind my left hand.  Shaking a bit.  But he knew he was safe.  And yet, just nine days previous he wouldn’t even come close to me.  Now it’s like we have been friends all summer.  Summer.  Sigh.  It is so short.  And gone.  It is fall.  It is pleasantly warm.  But the hot days of summer are gone.  Muffin likes it much better.  She is an odd type.  She loves to lay in the sun, soaking up that heat.  But she doesn’t like heat.  Amazing.  There is another new chipmunk in the group now.  His name is Checker.  Mainly because I was thinking of checkers at the time.  The game of checkers.  Anyway, for a couple of weeks Checker was around but wouldn’t come near me.  Much like Sylvester.  But this past Friday he finally came and took a peanut from me.  Now it’s Tuesday and he crawls all over me just like the rest of them.  Didn’t take long.  Amazing what you can do with peanuts.  Everyone loves peanuts.  I go through a lot of peanuts.  But what can I do?  From small to large, everyone eats peanuts.  Like Theodore here.Theodore - Copy2

And you didn’t think they ate peanuts, did you?  How am I supposed to say no?  Sigh.  That’s a real pic by the way.  Except for the word peanuts.  Amazing what shows up in my back yard.  Okay.  Maybe not him.  But there was a couple of black bears this summer.  One was about 400 pounds.  And yes, they will eat peanuts.  And most anything else.  Which is why I really would prefer they didn’t come around.  Muffin agrees.  She does not like bears.  One was on my deck last night.  I think it might have been a different one again.  Sigh.  Speaking of peanuts.  The other day Rusty was on my lap getting some peanuts from me when one of the rock doves decided to let loose and poop on my arm with a great big wet one.  It splattered.  Naturally.  Made me groan rather loudly and move my arm rather quickly.  That, of course, scared poor Rusty.  And he took off as quick as he could.  And peed all over my leg.  For such a little critter he sure has a big bladder.  That made me groan a bit more.  I was sitting on the steps at the time.  So I put my hand down to give myself a little push to get up.  Another groan.  My hand landed in more fresh bird poop.  Sigh.  How do things like this always happen to me?  How?  Things never happen to anyone else.  Or at least they don’t admit it.  Sigh.  Like the other night heading off to the bathroom.  In the dark.  And I walk through a spider web.  Another night I went to drink some water, I always keep a glass of water handy,  and there was a spider web over the top of the glass!  That was not at all nice.  It’s enough to make a person jump up and down, pull their hair (which is getting harder to do), bang their head against the wall, fall on the floor (what do you expect after banging your head on the wall?), and, and…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s okay.  I’m calm.  I’m fine.  Sigh.  Fall can be nice.  Those beautiful colors.  It’s what comes after it that takes all the fun from fall.  The first winter forecast issued says we will have a long, very cold, and snowy winter.  In other words, normal.  Sigh.  Oh well.  I hope you all enjoy your week, and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

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