It’s Definitely Monday.

Greetings to all my faithful and brave readers!  So nice to have you back again.  It’s a rather cold day.  And windy.  Plus cold.  Some light showers.  And, of course, cold.  But it was quite nice and sunny earlier this morning.  And this blue jay was enjoying the day, or at least the peanuts.

This blue jay is waiting for me to toss him a peanut, he likes to catch it before it hits the ground, and he rarely misses.

Even though our snow did actually melt (except for a few patches here and there) it is still cold and feels very much like winter.  We didn’t really have much of a fall this year, it just kinda went from summer to winter.  Though for a bit, in between the two, it was cold and rainy.  And I mean waaaaaay below normal for temps.  Not even close.  Sigh.  I notice the cold a lot more now than I used to.  It affects me.  And it doesn’t even have to be that cold.  I feel cold when the temp is 72F.  For those who prefer the other way of talking, that’s 22C.  Sigh.  Due to being Celiac, I have to be on this gluten free diet now.  Not fun.  Especially for someone who doesn’t know how to cook anyway, and now it’s even harder. I wanted to bake some cookies the other day.  I do like to bake.  But haven’t tried it since going on this diet.  I have my recipe, but how to go about it?  I checked a website for advice.  Just use cup for cup of flour it said.  Hmm, sounds too easy.  Checked another site.  Never use cup for cup it said, always use less of the gluten free flour.  Sigh.  Now what do I do?  I didn’t want to try another site, might get another different opinion.  Then I would really be mixed up.  It doesn’t take much to get me mixed up.  If you have read my blog for a while then you probably already figured that out.  So I tried the cup for cup.  I haven’t baked for a while.  I added some flour while the mixer was going.  Not good.  Poof!  I turned white.  So did my counter and everything on it.  And it wasn’t even that much flour I added.  Amazing.  Muffin ran.  I think she had been waiting for me to drop something.  I usually do.  And she knows it.  I didn’t bother cleaning up just yet.  Probably get dirty again soon anyway.  I took the first batch out of the oven.  Put the cookie sheet on top of the stove.  Took the oven mitt off.  Picked up cookie sheet to move it to the other end of the counter.  Not a smart idea.  Why did I do that you ask?  Because it’s me.  And I do stupid things sometimes.  Okay, maybe a lot.  Most of the time.  Well, sometimes I don’t.  Anyway, I picked it up.  AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!  I also dropped it quickly. Now Muffin came running back.  Fresh cookies!  However, she decided they were too hot.  Too bad I didn’t.  I started to pick them up.  AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sigh.  Sometimes I wonder about me.  Then sometimes I wonder why only sometimes.  Sigh.  This is a small apartment.  It has one of those stackable washer/dryer outfits.  I’m not tall. As I was taking clothes out of the dryer I dropped a sock.  I picked it up.  Then stood up.  Whang!!  Hit my head on the dryer door.  Dropped the clothes I was holding and groaned for a while.  Muffin was sleeping.  But she did open one eye to see what I was doing and if I was going to dance around and step in her water dish again.  I didn’t.  Though I have in the past.  Then I walked over to the closet to put away some clothes.  Whang!!  Hit my head again on that dryer door.  Groaned some more.  Dropped my clothes again.  Muffin got up and went into the other room.  Smart. In case you’re wondering, the washer/dryer is in the bedroom.  Kind of an odd place for it.  But this place is small.  Where else to put it?  I went into the kitchen.  Was not watching.  Stepped in Muffin’s food dish.  Muffin had to come and see this.  Didn’t stay long since it was her food.  Speaking of food.  Got my supper ready.  Picked up my plate.  Forgot my fork.  Turned to pick up my fork off the counter.  Tipped my plate a bit too much.  Landed on my foot.  Muffin came running.  After all, chicken dinner.  Sigh.  Glad she enjoyed it.  Toast and eggs is good too.  HA!  Sigh.  Went outside to enjoy the birds for awhile.

This is the red-breasted nuthatch mentioned below.

A little nuthatch and a chickadee came to get sunflower seeds I was holding.  The nuthatch landed so gently.  The chickadee held on tight.  A great way to get rid of stress.  But I do miss my chipmunks!  It is quite dark outside now and still cold.  And Muffin is sleeping.  Have a great week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

4 Comments on “It’s Definitely Monday.

  1. While you might have trouble baking cookies, you certainly have taking some beautiful wildlife pictures down to a science!

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  2. If you buy the Gluten Free “All Purpose Flour Blend” from Pillsbury – it does say once cup for one cup. It already includes “xanthan gum” which I guess is a key ingredient in gluten free flour baked goods. Anywhooo I bought some recently as my daughter has been going g-free for awhile due to some GI issues. I tried it out using my FAVORITE muffin recipe for cranberry spice muffins. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was greatly surprised to find that it tastes almost identical to my regular flour muffins. I didn’t change anything other than the flour and they were DELICIOUS! The texture is slightly different and my daughter noted that they are not as good if left out overnight.

    I making the batter, bake a days worth of muffins and put the rest of the batter in the fridge for another day (I would try to use up all the batter within a few days). Fresh, warm muffins are the best muffins so this works out great!

    I haven’t tried this flour in any other recipe but if she continues to go g-free, I will try other recipes.

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    • Yes, xanthum gum is essential for good results. But be wary of the cup for cup rule, it doesn’t work for everything. For a couple of my cookie recipes it definitely wouldn’t work. Thanks for the comment!


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