Technology And Me.

Good morning all!  See how nice and short that was?  I can be normal.  Sometimes.  I know what you are thinking.  What does the above pic have to do with my title?  Nothing.  I just wanted to use the pic.  And if I used a pic of a computer it just might make me bang my head on the desk.  I don’t want to do that.  Might hurt the desk.  I’ve been checking out various blogs lately.  Just to see what is out there.  And some of these people have actually checked out my blog.  And when I see their nice blogs I wonder why.  I saw one that had over 200 followers. Then one had over 3,000 followers.  Then over 5,000.  Then one had over 40,000.  That number is correct.  I think my brain imploded at that point.  My first goal is 25.  Haven’t quite reached it yet.  Then I will aim for 50.  Maybe 100?  Sigh.  Oh well, it’s fun anyway.  Some people have had trouble following my blog via email.  Some haven’t.  It’s odd.  Can’t figure out what the problem is.  Spent quite a bit of time trying however.  Nothing.  Except for frustration.  It made me want to pull my hair, bang my head against the wall, roll on the floor (what else after banging my head like that?), and, and…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s okay.  I’m calm. I’m fine.  Sigh.  Then I’m trying to figure out how to link to different pages.  I do have other pages.  But I can’t link to them!!  I’m not sure how much time I have spent trying to figure this out.  I have seen in done on other blogs.  They say click here, and it works.  But how?!  One had a central page with a number of links to other pages.  That’s really what I want.  But it doesn’t work for me!!  It’s enough to make me pull my hair, bang my head against the wall, roll on the floor…oh wait, I’ve already been through that.  It hurts.  Maybe I should bang my head against a pillow instead.  Probably wouldn’t work as good. Sigh.  Computers are great things.  As long as I know what I’m doing.  Which isn’t often.  Had an update on my computer recently.  Lost all my bookmarks in the process.  It shouldn’t do things like that.  It was very annoying.  Trying to find things again.  Wasn’t easy for some things.  One thing I still haven’t found.  And it’s a rather important one.  Sigh.  Time to jump up and down, pull my hair, bang my head and, and…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s okay.  I’m calm.  I’m fine. Sorry.  Just couldn’t help it this time.  Sigh.  So I decided to go out and feed my birds for a while.  At least they’re sane.  Like this little chickadee.

One of my black-capped chickadee friends.

Actually there was a lot of them.  Sitting on my head.  And shoulders.  And arms.  Along with the red-breasted nuthatches. There was several of them also.

One of many red-breasted nuthatches.

Some of these little critters land so gently.  Others really grab on tight.  One chickadee almost landed on my nose!  There was a white-breasted nuthatch too.  But he wasn’t brave enough to come to my hand.  Maybe one of these days.  The blue jays were coming in at the same time getting peanuts that I left for them on the deck.  It was rather cold and wet out there today.  But at least it was calm.  Normal.  LB showed up too (my squirrel), to get some peanuts.  Little critters like this are a real country pleasure.  Yet most people are not even aware they exist.  Too bad.  Also too bad that technology and I don’t get along as well.  Sigh.  Perhaps one day I will get it figured out.  Or not.  Muffin doesn’t really care.  Anyway, enjoy your weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

6 Comments on “Technology And Me.

  1. Chickadees are on of my favorite birds b/c in a blizzard, rain, or sun they are out just carrying on as normal. Nothing stops these little guys.


  2. Yes, technology can be very frustrating. I will check for your blog throughout the week. Here’s hoping the snow holds off at least until December. Very interesting how the birds actually land on you.


    • Thanks Lisa! Somehow I don’t think the snow will hold off until Dec. Not here anyway! The birds have learned they can trust me, like all the other critters. Thanks for reading.


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