The Wasn’t To Be Hike Continues.

Good Monday morning to everyone!  And a big thank you to all my faithful readers and a big welcome to my new readers and followers!  All of you are much appreciated.  Another cloudy and cool day with a bit of snow which melted quickly enough but it remained a very dark, dreary type of day.  Unless you happen to like cloudy, cool days.  Not my favorite.  But that’s what we have had the last couple months.  Even the birds don’t seem to like all this cloud.  Yesterday was beautiful and sunny, such a nice change.  And there were little birds by the dozens out there.  I went out for a bit to feed them and they were all over me, coming to my hand readily.

sunny chickadee
One of many black-capped chickadees.

More than once a little chickadee and at least one nuthatch landed on my hand holding the camera and looked at me eye to eye.  Curious little critters.  And so much fun having them sit on me.  But back to Dad and I on our little hiking adventure.  As you may remember, Dad had just fallen in the mud beside the creek.  He was on his hands and knees.  While I was laughing.  Just the way it is.  Even though Dad was always doing something to himself, he never really got hurt.  Quite amazing.  Good thing you brought those extra clothes this time, I said, still laughing.  Ha, Ha, said Dad.  As he was about to get up he suddenly pointed behind me and said ‘look’.  So I did.  Whap!  A splat of mud hit me on the back.  Mud fight!, I yelled. I picked up a handful and tossed it quickly towards Dad.  Too bad he moved.  I would have missed him.  My aim was terrible.  As it was it hit him right on the face.  Good thing you’re wearing glasses, I said, kept your eyes clean.  I can’t see, said Dad.  He took his glasses off and went to the creek to wash them.  I was still laughing.  Decided to sit down on a log for a bit while Dad changed his clothes.  There was a small flock of black-capped chickadees making their way past us high in the trees.  A flock of Canada geese flew by heading south.  Kind of late for them, I remarked to Dad.  My glasses are still dirty, he said.  That got me laughing again.  I’m like that.  Once I get laughing it is just hard to stop. Sometimes days after.  Oh well.  Off we went.  Half an hour later we still hadn’t made it to the railway tracks.  Looked shorter on the map, I said.  BONEHEAD!, was all that Dad said.  It was very quiet walking along, except for the crunching of leaves under foot.  The leaves however, were soon left behind as we entered a stand of jack pine.  Then it happened.  We could see it coming out of the trees.  It moved ever so slowly.  We froze.  It kept coming toward us.  Now what.  Can’t climb a tree.  That beast can climb faster than we can.  Try to outrun it?  Right.  We have both seen those monsters run.  Our hearts were beating faster with each step that beast took.  Finally it was no more than a dozen feet away.  It stopped.  It stared right at us.  Then it stood up on it’s hind legs.  Hard to believe.  Face to face with the most fearsome beast of the north woods.  A RED SQUIRREL!  Then it chattered wildly and ran off into the trees.  Whew.  That was close.IMG_1755  We continued our hike.  There wasn’t even a trail now.  We stopped.  Where do we go.  Dad decided there was only one thing to do.  He would sit and rest a bit while I scouted on ahead.  Naturally.  Then we finally heard a train.  Obviously wasn’t a busy day for trains.  We followed the sound and the trail showed up again not far ahead.  Good, said Dad.  Finally the railway tracks were in sight.  Didn’t take quite 2 hours, I said.  Dad just looked at me.  We crossed the tracks and went up a little hill on the other side.  Let’s stop and have COFFEE, said Dad.  But it’s only a little further, I said.  Dad just looked.  Right, COFFEE it is, I agreed.  There was some nice large rocks to sit on.  Dad sat as far as he could from me.  Odd.  The sun was still shining nicely so it felt quite warm on that hill.  Unlike today.  No sun.  No warm.  Sigh.  Maybe tomorrow.  I hope everyone enjoys their week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

4 Comments on “The Wasn’t To Be Hike Continues.

    • Thanks HCG! I do enjoy having these birds on my hands, have had many species of birds do this. Animals generally trust me quite readily for some reason. Thanks for the comment, have a great day! Steve.

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