Coffee With Our Hike.

Good morning to all my readers!  It was a cold day.  It definitely feels like winter now.  And it is white.  Only a couple inches of snow, but enough to make the ground white.  Sigh.  Summer green is so nice!  Before I proceed, I would like to point out 2 new parts of Steve’s Country.  First is ‘Coffee With Muffin’, a look at things around here from Muffin’s perspective!  She has wanted this for a long time.  How do I know?  I can see it in her eyes.  Amazing what she can say.  Am I going crazy?  Probably.  Don’t forget, winter here is at least 5 months long!  Just go to her page right from my home page and click on the links provided.  She hopes to add something new each week so keep checking.  If you like what you see please let me know by leaving a comment.  Next is ‘Steve’s Country Extras’, also available from my home page.  There you will find different things which will be listed under different headings.  Just click on the links once again and enjoy!  Or not.  Some things might sound crazy, other things humorous, all intended to bring a smile. Hopefully.  If you like it, let me know, if you don’t, still let me know.  I don’t mind making changes.  Anyway, back to our hike.  Dad and I always liked to find a hill facing south so we would get plenty of sunshine and it would be nice and warm.  This would be for our COFFEE time of course.  It was nice on that hill, we went right to the top, it wasn’t high but we still had a nice view of the area.  A bald eagle was soaring overhead.  A flock of geese was also passing over, snow geese this time.  There was also a small flock of snow buntings down on the railway tracks, looking for any bits of grain that may have fallen off the trains.  There was also juncos and a couple tree sparrows.

junco 1
This is a junco, like the ones we were watching.

Dad said to toss his sandwiches to him.  But NOT hard, he said.  Fine.  I did.  Didn’t quite make it.  You should have tossed harder, he said.  You told me not to, I replied.  Dad sighed.  He did that a lot for some reason.  He got up to get his sandwiches.  Want some COFFEE too?, I asked.  Naturally, he said, but don’t toss it!  Of course I won’t toss it, I said.  I brought it to him.  I decided to sit on the rock next to him. So we don’t have to yell at each other, I said.  Just don’t come any closer, said Dad.  Not sure what he was afraid of, after all, he’s the one that is accident prone, not me.  A little chipmunk came over to us.

Chipmunks are one of my favorite critters.

Must be looking for some food.  I tossed a piece of my sandwich to him.  He picked it up right away.  AAA!, said Dad, there’s no sugar or cream in this COFFEE.  You scared the chipmunk, I said.  And you said not to put any in because you wanted to do it yourself, I reminded him, you didn’t like it the way I did it last time, I brought some extra sugar anyway.  I grabbed his cup so I could add some sugar to his COFFEE.  NO, said Dad and he grabbed it too.  I’ll do it myself, he said. So I let go.  Guess he was pulling too hard.  AAAAA!  Spilled all over him.  Not a drop left in his cup.  You should be more careful, I said, you always spill your COFFEE.  Only when you’re around, he said.  Right.  I’ll pour you another cup, I offered.  I reached for his thermos.  Dad was standing at this point so I put his cup on the rock he was sitting on.  Guess Dad didn’t notice that.  He sat down.  On his cup.  AAAAA!  You broke your cup, I said, should have brought that metal one instead.  Dad looked at his cup.  You can use mine after I’m finished, I said.  Forget it, said Dad, I’ll just drink out of the thermos.  He added some sugar.  Now, I say he accidentally dropped all the sugar in.  He says I bumped his arm.  Dad just did not like admitting he was accident prone.  This is way too sweet, he said.  You should have seen the look on his face.  Amazing.  I had put his other sandwich on his hat which he had put on the ground.  I offered to share my COFFEE.  He got up to get my thermos.  What was that?, he asked.  It was your other sandwich, I said.  Why did you put it on the ground?, he asked.  I didn’t, it was on your hat, I said.  BONEHEAD!  Well, at least he is enjoying himself.  Not your day, I said, good thing I’m here.  Dad sighed again.  You sigh a lot, I said.  Only when you’re around, he said.  Not sure what he meant by that.  Sigh.  Guess I inherited that sighing, plus I’m accident prone now too.  Sigh.  I will have to finish this on Monday.  It’s cold.  Enjoy your weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

The featured image at the top is not mine, the other two are mine.


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