Prying Eyes And Other Things.

Good morning on this very cold Monday evening!  It’s dark.  And cold.  In the summer we would have another 4 hours of daylight.  Now it’s been dark for an hour and a half.  Such a difference.  The birds were sure busy today.  Those little chickadees are up before it is really daylight anxiously waiting for me to get the food out there.  They are busy landing on those hanging feeders before I even get them hanging in place!

downy woodpecker
A Downy woodpecker at the suet.

Why don’t I leave them outside?  Raccoons.  They love sunflower seeds too.  And they don’t mind destroying the bird feeders to get them.  I don’t really like that.  Then I have to go out and buy another bird feeder.  Better to bring them in at night.  Now that it’s so cold however, I should be able to leave them out at night.  Raccoons don’t come around much during the cold part of winter.  But it is nice having all these critters coming around.  It’s country living in the city.  Sort of city.  Town anyway.  Sigh.  I mentioned Friday about getting that feeling of being watched.  I’ve had that feeling many times.  Sometimes I find out why.  Other times I don’t.  Like sitting quietly watching a movie.  And I get this feeling of being watched.  Now, I’m inside.  But my drapes are open.  I look at the window.  There is a face looking back at me!  Something like that can really get the heart pounding suddenly.  But in the same instant I realize it is one of my deer friends looking at me.  So I went to the door to say hello.  Another time I was reading.  Got that same feeling of being watched.  I looked out the window.  Nothing.  Hmm, just me I guess.  Closed the drapes anyway.  Just in case.  The next morning as I was looking out the window I noticed what looked like a hand print on the window.  Couldn’t be.  I went outside.  There was human footprints in the snow around the window.  Not my footprints either.  Different pattern on the footprint.  Hmm, guess it wasn’t just me.  I decided to keep the drapes closed after that, once it got dark.  But here it is, another winter, and I’m keeping the drapes open again after dark.  I know.  I’m odd.  There’s that feeling again.  Muffin is at the window this time.  Her hair is fluffed out as much as it can be.  Hmm, must be something there.  I look.  A face is looking back.  Again my heart starts that pounding.  Amazing how fast that starts up.  But it was a raccoon.  My heart settled down right away.  Poor Muffin.  Not sure what she figured that thing was.  Another big cat with a huge tail?  Who knows.  The other night, after midnight, drapes open again, Muffin was obviously looking at something.  So I looked.  Couldn’t see a thing out there.  But she was intently looking at something.  Next morning there was dog tracks outside.  Probably that fox that comes around here.  He seems to be quite tame, which likely means someone is feeding him.  A very beautiful fox.  Speaking of hurting myself.  I opened the freezer door (on my fridge) to get some frozen veggies for supper.  Dropped the veggies on the floor.  Picked them up. Wham!  Hit my head on the freezer door that I did not close.  Made me groan and bend over a bit, at the same time grabbing the handle on the fridge door which opened and, whack!  Right on my cheek.  Dropped my veggies on the floor.  Bent over to pick them up. Whack!  Hit my head on the shelf unit which is definitely in a bad spot but there is nowhere else to put it in this small place.  Groaned again.  Turned around.  Hit the fridge again.  Dropped my veggies on the floor again.  Looked around.  Then bent over and picked up the veggies again.  Didn’t hit anything.  Amazing.  Opened package of veggies. Dropped veggies on the floor.  Veggies scattered everywhere.  Picked up veggies.  Put back in package.  Put veggies back in freezer.  Made toast.  Sigh.  I’ve been thinking.  I have a headache.  Sometimes I really think the two are related.  Sigh.  I better stop.  Muffin added something new, check out Coffee With Muffin!  Hope you all have a great week and God bless!  Almost forgot, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American readers!

Steve and Muffin.

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