Country Time In The Winter.

Greetings everyone on this Friday evening!  It didn’t really feel much like winter today.  The temp was in the 30s(F), it was melting, cloudy, light mist, almost more like fall.  Except it was still white outside.  We don’t have much snow, probably not more than an inch right now.  But it has been cold, much colder than normal.  Until today.  But the cold is returning tomorrow.  Naturally.  It is winter after all.  And this is Canada.  Hard to believe we don’t have much snow.  That is a bit odd.  But nice.  I think the birds and squirrel enjoyed this short reprieve from the terrible cold.  LB, the squirrel, was really enjoying himself this morning.  He was running up and down the big ash trees out here, just seemingly for the fun of it.  He would run all the way to the top, as high as possible, which would be over 60 feet or so.  Then he would come down so fast, then right back up again.  Was fun to watch him.  It’s good to pay attention to these little things.  One of those country pleasures.  I think people would have a lot less stress if they would take the time to enjoy some country pleasures.  They can be found even in city locations.  Just have to look around.  I think God gave us these country pleasures for that reason.  To help relieve stress.  Speaking of country pleasures.  I used to have a nice quiet place that I would go to as much as possible.  Had a little cabin there.

Eagle cabin
Here is the cabin (shed), wasn’t quite finished at this point.

Actually, it was more of a storage shed.  Wasn’t supposed to be that way.  Just happened.  Sigh.  One time I was there, it was late in the evening.  The sun had set but still daylight.  I was watering the flowers around the ‘shed’.  I felt like I was being watched.  Like the time with the wolves. I looked around but saw nothing.  I had cleared out the underbrush beneath the pine trees so it was easy to see for a good distance.  Kept watering the flowers.  Kept getting the ‘feeling’.  I walked around the ‘shed’.  Nothing.  Odd.  I stopped and listened.  It was very quiet.  Not even the slightest breeze.  Hmm, kept watering the flowers.  That ‘feeling’ persisted.  I kept looking around but saw nothing.  Heard nothing.  Finally I was finished with the flowers.  Looked around again.  Still nothing.  I went inside and sat down by the window.  I had just sat down when this big cinnamon bear came walking past the window.  It was at least 600 lbs.  A female.  She had a cub.  She was big.  And she was obviously right by the ‘shed’ while I was out there.  There just wasn’t time for her to be far away.  And she had been watching me the whole time.  Not a thrilling thought.  For me at least.  I prefer being a safe distance from those critters.  Especially when they have cubs.  Oh, a cinnamon bear is actually just a black bear that isn’t.  Black that is.  They are brown.  And sometimes called brown bears.

cinnamon bear3a
This is one, he came to within 6 feet of me, though here he was farther away.  It’s an old pic.

But they are black bears.  There are a lot of those cinnamon bears in this part of the province.  Very nice color too.  Like this one.  It’s an old photo as you can see.  But they are a true country pleasure.  From a safe distance. I’m glad the bears are in hibernation now, haven’t seen one now for some time.  So my bird feeders are safe now.  Which is nice.  A lot more deer around now.  Mama likes to come up to me and say hello.  But I haven’t been able to coax the bucks to come close yet. Odd.  The deer in this part of town are just not as friendly as other areas.  Oh well.  Speaking of baking.  Hmm, guess that will have to wait until next time.  I hope you enjoy your weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

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