Winter Moon.

Good morning everyone on this very cold November day and the last Monday of the month!  So what does today’s title have to do with today’s post?  Nothing really.  I took that pic this morning.  It was cold standing out there.  But the chickadees and nuthatches were busy at the feeders getting their breakfast.  The crows had not yet arrived.  The blue jays were waiting impatiently for me to get out of the way so they could haul off their 1  I was standing right over their peanuts.  One almost came down anyway. That was Baxter.  He’s the bravest of the bunch.  There are 10 blue jays now.  The hairy woodpecker came along as well.  He didn’t seem to pay any attention to me.  He was only paying attention to the suet.hairy woodpecker 3  It was cold out there.  And still is cold.  It is now dark once again.  The birds and squirrel have gone to their different spots to spend the night.  And they will be back before it is completely daylight.  I make sure the seeds are out there while it is still dark so they will have food as soon as they arrive.  Very important for those little birds.  Whether in the country or town, the birds are the same.  One of my most enjoyable country pleasures.

Unlike shopping.  That is definitely not a country pleasure.  For me at least.  Especially now.  The stores are busy.  Crowded.  Slow.  Not fun. I don’t really care for shopping.  You can probably tell.  Some people enjoy it.  Amazing.  But not me.  One day I was shopping.  I was pushing my cart along, came to the end of an aisle.  WHAM!  A lady came around the corner fast.  Nearly spun my cart around backwards.  She didn’t stop.  But as she went past she said, ‘I’m in a hurry’.  Good thing she mentioned that.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have known.  Sigh.  Something I usually buy was on sale one day.  Four for a certain price.  Not bad, I thought.  But there was only 2 on the shelf.  I asked if there was more.  The person said no.  Naturally.  Oh well, at least I have 2 of them.  At the checkout the price came out normal.  These are on sale, I said.  Only if you have 4, she said.  There was only 2, I even asked, I said.  Then you have to pay normal price, she said.  Sigh.  It could only happen to me.

For breakfast Muffin likes a certain kind of canned food.  That’s fine.  I don’t mind.  So I opened the can and proceeded to spoon it out and onto her dish.  I do this all the time.  Except this time something different happened.  The food on the spoon flipped off the spoon.  And slid down my leg.  And landed on my foot with a splat.  Muffin was at it immediately.  Don’t, I said, it’s on my foot.  She didn’t seem to mind.  I did.  I bent down and grabbed it with my hand.  Not smart.  Just squished it.  Made things worse.  Muffin just sat staring.  She didn’t seem impressed.  Neither was I.  Sigh.  I got her some more.  Then proceeded to clean up my foot.  And hand.  And floor.  And changed socks.  I just put these socks on.  Sigh.  Sometimes my days start rather oddly.

But that moon looked so nice.  Bright.  Calm.  Beautiful.  A real country pleasure.  Most people don’t even notice.  It’s just something that’s there.  Good thing it is.

Muffin is sleeping on her wool blanket.  She loves wool.  So do I.  It’s warm.  And cozy.  Wool is country.  Which I like.  My apartment is country.  A bit crowded.  But country. Lots of pine.  Most of my furniture is pine.  Which I made.  That way I know it’s not going to fall apart.  It’s not perfect.  It’s country.  Pine is country.  I also like oak.  And, really, most wood I guess.

I’m kind of rambling today.  That’s due to technical difficulties.  Meaning me.  Which makes it hard for me to think.  I think.  Although that’s actual quite normal for me.  Hard to think, that is.  Sigh.  Guess I will stop.  Enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

4 Comments on “Winter Moon.

  1. Beautiful photography! And I totally understand your day! I have days like that all the time! Especially about the shopping! I HATE it! I often find myself having to go back to the store multiple times because they NEVER have the items i need, or else I just give up looking because I get too nervous being around the crowds of people. And I too have trouble focusing my thoughts. That is why I write. When I write beauty abounds… When I speak it is utter nonsense and bologna! Nothing good comes out of my mouth! I once told someone i write from my heart and speak from my rear end! Silence is golden😇. God bless you too! And thank you for another day of smiles!

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  2. What an amazing winter moon! I also like blue jays. They don’t come round much here, but I saw two last week while walking around the neighborhood. Downy woodpeckers & red-bellied woodpeckers frequent our bird feeder buffet – it’s always a treat to see them. Winter moon blessings!! 💨🌔😎🌔💨

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