Christmas Tree Perils.

Good morning!  Christmas is getting closer and the weather is getting nicer all the time.  The snow on my deck was melting today.  The sun was shining.  LB, the squirrel, was having fun playing in the snow.  Not that we have much.  Perhaps about 5 or 6 inches. Not much considering what we would normally have this time of year.  Tomorrow it is supposed to continue with sun and a temp of 40F.  Very nice indeed.  Good weather for taking some nice pics of the birds.  Except, with the nice weather there isn’t many birds around.  Sigh.

upside down nuthatch 1
Nuthatches enjoy being upside down.

Nearly Christmas.  Dad and I went out every year in search of the perfect Christmas tree. One would think that with all the trees we have it would be an easy thing to do.  Not so. One year was very cold.  Actually, that’s normal.  But anyway, Dad and I were off once again to get our tree.  There wasn’t really a lot of snow that year, maybe a foot.  So it should be quite easy.  We stopped at one spot and of course we needed to cross a ditch again.  You go first, says Dad.  Naturally.  Off I went across the ditch.  The snow was only ankle deep.  Not deep at all, I called back.  Dad started off.  I continued walking off into the trees.  I stopped.  Thought I heard something.  But it was windy so it was hard to tell. I listened carefully.  Sounded like Dad calling.  Hey, maybe he found a good tree already.  I turned around.  Hard to believe what I saw.  Dad was just sitting in the middle of the ditch yelling.  I went back.  As I got closer I noticed that he wasn’t sitting.  He was up to his stomach in snow.  Apparently the snow was just hard packed from the wind and the recent snow we had was what I walked through.  Since Dad was quite a bit heavier than me he fell through that hard packed layer of snow.  What a sight!  I burst out laughing.  Ha, ha, said Dad, you’ll have to dig me out.  Can’t you just pull yourself out?, I asked.  When I try my hands just push through the snow, he said.  I started laughing again.  What am I supposed to dig with?  There’s a shovel in the car, said Dad.  But Dad had the keys.  In his pocket.  Which was buried in the snow.  I dug down enough so I could get the keys.  Laughing the whole time.  Don’t know why Dad didn’t see the humor in the situation.  I came back with the shovel.  Be careful, said Dad.  Naturally.  Things were going well but after tossing a shovel full of snow I swung the shovel back and accidentally hit Dad slightly on the back of the head.  AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!  I said be careful, stated Dad.  Sorry about that.  Finally I was able to pull Dad out.  Lost your boot, I said.  Dad looked.  He actually hadn’t noticed.  He bent over the hole to look.  So did I.  Now, Dad claimed I bumped him rather hard.  Actually, I barely touched him.  He dropped his glasses in the hole.  I’ll get them, I said, and jumped into the hole.  AAAAAAAA!!!!!, said Dad, be careful.  I was.  Found his glasses and boot which was full of snow.  Now Dad’s foot was getting wet.  Should have brought extra socks, I said.  I know what I shouldn’t have brought, he answered.  Not sure what he meant by that.  We actually found a tree rather quickly.  Amazing.  A hairy woodpecker was working away at a tree nearby.  A squirrel was sitting at the base of a large pine tree eating pine cones.  Neither of them were paying attention to us.  It was cold.  Food was the main thing to be concerned about. No other wildlife was around that morning except for a raven that flew overhead.  Dad took a long way back to the car, he didn’t want to cross that ditch again.  I took the short way.  After all that we needed a COFFEE!  So we went to our favorite COFFEE shop.  Nothing like a cup of hot COFFEE on a cold winter day.  Or any day for that matter.

Pine siskin
Pine siskins showed up Dec. 8 and have been around since then.

But I do like herb teas as well.  And I am enjoying a cup of mint tea at the moment.  Perfect after supper.  I hope you all can enjoy your weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

2 Comments on “Christmas Tree Perils.

  1. I chuckled through the whole episode ! It is a wonder you both survived those treks !


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