Busy Birds And Other Things.

Good morning everyone!  Amazingly we still don’t have much snow around here.  Very unusual really.  It is nice though.  Especially since I can no longer shovel snow.  But it has been a bit on the cold side lately.  But that seems to be normal.  It’s been colder than normal since mid September.  So no surprise that it is continuing that way.  That part isn’t so nice.  Sigh.  Cold weather and I just don’t mix well anymore.  Didn’t bother me so much years ago.  I have never liked cold weather, but it didn’t bother me.  If that makes sense.

The cold weather doesn’t seem to make a difference to the birds however.  They go about their lives normally like the cold doesn’t exist.  Amazing really.  There isn’t much to those little birds.  Such as the chickadees, nuthatches and pine siskins.  They are tiny.  One would think their little legs would freeze completely.  But these little birds keep bouncing around, flitting from branch to branch.  But mostly they just spend the whole day flying from a bush or tree behind my apartment to the feeders and back to the bush again with their prize of a sunflower seed.  Then they manage to hold that slippery little seed with their feet and peck it open, quickly eating the contents, then back to the feeder.  Doesn’t take them long.  And that’s their day.  Back and forth.  Periodically they change the routine and land on the suet feeder to grab some extra energy.

chickadee at suet
One of several dozen black-capped chickadees around here.

Then it’s back to the sunflower seeds.  I have been trying to entice the pine grosbeaks to come to the feeder as well.  And have had some success.  But unfortunately the rock doves chase them away and finish off the sunflower seeds in seconds.  Sigh.  The pine grosbeaks won’t go to the hanging feeders.  They need something flat and solid.  Which is why the problem.  And their natural food supply is fast disappearing.

Male Pine
A male pine grosbeak this morning.

So they probably won’t be around much longer.  But at least I have been able to get some nice pics before they move on to another area in search of food.  And that is nice.  They are only here during the winter.  I almost had a head on collision with a hairy woodpecker the other day.  He came flying around the corner of the apartment while I was on the deck.  Fortunately he managed to veer off to the side just in time.  That would have hurt.  Both of us.

Wanted to have some eggs for breakfast the other day.  Hope none of my bird friends find out.  Anyway, I got the eggs out.  Took 2 out of the carton.  I should know better.  Take one at a time.  No.  Not me.  I took 2.  One slipped out of my hand.  Naturally.  I tried to catch it.  Bad idea.  Broke the one I was still holding.  In my hand.  Missed the other one.  Naturally.  Which hit the floor.  With quite a splat.  But amazingly it missed my foot. Barely.  But it missed.  That’s the important thing.  I cleaned my hand first.  Then turned to clean up the egg on the floor.  Scrunch.  Rats.  So much for missing my foot.  Sigh.  Oddly, Muffin was a bit slow getting in to check out the action.  Must have been sleeping soundly.  But she did come.  And proceeded to clean up what was left of the egg on the floor.  She likes to help.  She helped with the Christmas decorating too.  I don’t have a tree.  Probably a good thing.  But I did decorate.  Took a little longer than it should have. But Muffin really wanted to help.  Every time I brought out a different decoration she had to check it for damage.  By playing with it.  Or just running off with it.  One is still missing.  Sigh.  But she did seem to be enjoying it all.  I was sitting on the floor pulling my hair.  But it’s done.  Only one item broke.  An antique glass ornament.  No.  Not Muffin.  I was to blame for that one.  Sigh.

Days are so short now.  Maybe I should say the daylight portion.  The chickadees are the first to arrive in the morning.  It is just barely showing some daylight when they arrive.  It is dark now.  Not quite so cold today.  But the humidity was high.  So it still felt cold.  To me at least.  Did get some nice pics today.  Like the ones I’m sharing today.  Except for the featured image at top, it’s not mine.  Enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

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