Looking For A Christmas Tree.

Greetings on this very cold Friday which also ends the first week of December which also means that Christmas is not far away and of course that means looking for the perfect Christmas tree!  These days that is not so hard to do.  It’s possible to buy them everywhere one goes.  I’m talking about real trees.  Not fake trees.  Some fake trees do look nice.  But they’re not real.  And my parents never liked the idea of buying a tree.  Real or fake.  So, every year we went out and picked up our own real tree.  We always put up our tree December 1st.  Amazingly it did manage to survive a whole month.  But we did keep it well watered.  A very important part of using real trees.  Now I would prefer a fake tree.  I’m sure Muffin would agree with me.  Which is why I don’t have a tree.  Muffin likes to climb.  Trees are made for climbing.  Therefore I’m not sure it would work out so well.  However, if I had all those old decorations that my parents had, I’m sure I would be wanting to give it a try.  I prefer the old traditional type decorations.  Where things didn’t all match.  Different decorations, different sizes, colors, put on the tree in no special way, except to make sure the whole tree was well covered, add tinsel and lights, it was always perfect.  Sigh.  Okay, my place is kind of small anyway.  But I would do it if I had those decorations.  Or similar ones.  So Dad says, let’s go get the tree today.

House at Nixon Lake
This was our house at the time, the snow really is as deep as it looks. Sorry, it’s an old pic.

It’s too cold, I replied.  Never too cold, said Dad.  I’ll get the COFFEE ready, said I.  Forget the COFFEE, he said.  What??!!  Forget the COFFEE??!!  We’ll stop at our favorite COFFEE shop instead after we get the tree, said Dad.  I’m half out the door!  We found a good spot to look for the tree.  We had to cross the ditch however.  I volunteered to go first, I knew Dad would want me too anyway.  NO, he said, I’ll go first this time.  I don’t think he trusted me.  Be careful, I said, the snow might be deep.  It isn’t deep, he called back, just look.  I did.  From a safe distance.  Suddenly Dad seemed to trip, his arms went out to the side, and he fell straight forward with a thud, face first into the snow.  I walked over to him.  Need some help?  He lifted his head out of the snow.  No, he said, I like laying in the snow.  I can’t get up, he said, my arms keep sinking in the deep snow.  Roll over, I suggested.  He did.  I helped him up.  He had tripped on a rock buried under the snow and fell into an area that obviously was deeper than the rest of the ditch.  Must be a hole there, I said, good thing you went first.  Thanks, said Dad.  You go first now, he said.  Naturally.  Walking through the trees I had to move a branch from a large spruce.  I let go.  AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!  I turned around.  Poor Dad.  You shouldn’t walk so close behind me, I said.  BONEHEAD, was all he said.  Okay, he’s enjoying himself.  Rather odd.  Dad’s face was a bit red from that branch hitting him.  What are you looking for?, I asked.  My glasses fell off, he said.  You’re always losing your glasses, I said.  Only when you’re around, he replied.  Not sure what he meant by that.  We must have walked half an hour.  Finally we spotted the perfect tree.  Give me the saw, said Dad.  Saw?  I didn’t bring the saw, I said.  Dad just looked at me.  You left the saw in the car?  I didn’t bring the saw, I thought you were going to bring it.  There’s no saw at all?  We walked back to the car.  We did mark that tree though, so we could find it again easily.  Strangely Dad didn’t want to go for COFFEE either.  Mainly because he forgot his wallet.  So I said I would pay for COFFEE.  That made him feel a bit better.  After COFFEE I spotted something in the back of the car, sticking out from under a blanket.  The saw!  Dad just looked.  We went back and got the tree.  We didn’t bother telling Mom about that part.

Nixon Lake sunset winter 1974
Another old pic from back then, the end of the day.

The joys of winter.  I prefer summer.  Or spring.  Even fall.  Sigh.  But winter is here for another few months.  Sigh.  I hope you all have a great weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin (who is dreaming of a Christmas tree).  PS; the featured image at the top is not mine.

4 Comments on “Looking For A Christmas Tree.

  1. I miss the old house. So many memories. We used to get a real tree but so much easier with an artificial one. We hung “scented” sticks on it (helps a bit).


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