One Day Began Like This…

Good morning everyone on this first Monday of December which is the last month of the year which is quite amazing when one considers how fast time flies even when it goes slowly which is actually quite interesting since a person can be very busy and time flies and a person can be doing basically nothing and time flies but when a person is completely bored and time seems to stand still then time still flies which is because time is always going at the same time so therefore it must fly by even when it doesn’t which is a very curious riddle which is easily explained by someone who knows what they are talking about so don’t expect me to easily explain it.  That’s better.  I haven’t had one of those long opening sentences for a long time.  I like them.  Some people don’t.  That’s fine.

Pine 1
A male pine grosbeak enjoying sunflower seeds at the feeder.

Which brings me to my title.  One day began.  Sometimes it would be nice to have a day start normally.  But then I think, that might be dull.  Sigh.  I don’t have normal days.  Sometimes that’s a good thing.  Sometimes not.  One Sunday began normally for a while. Then things changed.  I was getting ready for church.  That was normal.  Then footsteps on the deck.  And a knock at the door.  Okay, not normal.  It was my landlord.  She had let her cat outside and the door closed behind her.  And locked.  She asked if I had a key.  Not sure why I would.  But I said I would try to help.  Her sister lives with her, but she is a bit hard of hearing.  Very much so actually.  I tried phoning.  Nothing.  I used to be good at opening locks.  Not now.  Don’t have the right tools now.  But I tried.  Nothing.  Decided to try the back door.  Had to walk up snow covered stairs.  Not good.  I slipped.  And fell.  Not sure what hurt worse, my back or my knees.  Sigh.  Tried back door.  Nothing.  Tried banging on door.  Tried doorbell.  Nothing.  Her sister was sleeping.  Sigh.  Decided to bang on her bedroom window.  Went around to the side of the house.  Didn’t realize the window was 10 feet off the ground.  I wasn’t.  Sigh.  I got a long extension pole.  The ground is not level along that side.  And snow covered.  I came back with the pole.  Picked myself up off the ground and brushed the snow off myself.  Sigh.  Now my side hurts too.  Pole was long enough.  As I was banging on the window some people came walking along past the house.  They looked at me.  I could just imagine the police showing up soon to find out what I was doing.  Anyway, I kept banging on the window. Thought for sure it would wake her up.  And it did.  After about 12 minutes.  Now my shoulder was sore.  Sigh.  Moral of the story?  Don’t answer your door on a Sunday morning.  Sigh.  But, my days have started worse than that.  And at least I was able to help.  I think.  Apparently the banging on the window wasn’t even heard.

Went shopping.  Needed to pick up a few things.  Such as cat litter for Muffin who is curled up beside me sleeping so contentedly not knowing what I went through to get that cat litter.  For some strange reason known only to the management of the store the cat litter I want is located on the top shelf.  I am not tall.  I can barely reach the top shelf.  But after stretching as much as possible I managed to get hold of the handle on the pail of cat litter.  Then I gave it a bit of a tug to get it closer to the edge of the shelf.  Guess I gave it a bit more of a tug than just a bit of a tug because it not only came closer to the edge but came right over the edge of the shelf and fell right into the cart.  Rather loudly.  Fortunately no one was around.  Though it would have been nice if one of the store employees was around so I wouldn’t have had to do what I did do that I didn’t want to do and didn’t try to do but what I ended up doing anyway.  Sigh.  They probably won’t even notice that the bottom of the cart isn’t flat anymore.  It did push much more smoothly after that though so that’s a plus.

Blue in sunshine 2
Blue jay in a rare bit of sunshine.

The little birds were busy all day again.  They don’t stop.  Just constant eating all day.  Still trying to get a pic of that gray jay.  And a better pic of the little downy woodpecker.  But it was a bit cool standing out there today.  Perhaps tomorrow.  Or not.  Oh, the snowy pic at the top is not mine. Not that snowy here yet.  Enjoy your week everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin and birds and LB.

6 Comments on “One Day Began Like This…

  1. Well , that was a rare happening on a Sunday morning ! I would have given up…tell your landlord to have a second key made or more even !


  2. The picture looks like painting, the story of Sunday, happens, hopefully you didn’t got huge injuries🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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