Looking For That Christmas Tree.

Greetings all!  It’s the last Friday before the last weekend before Christmas.  I actually went shopping this morning.  I was reminded why I don’t like doing such things.  It’s just WAY too busy at the stores!  I just don’t enjoy that.  But I did it anyway.  Now I should be able to stay away from stores until next year.  Hopefully.  Sigh.  There is enough food for everyone, Muffin, birds, squirrel and me.  Amazing.  It is supposed to snow tonight.  And tomorrow.  Sigh.  Most people would think that is great.  Right before Christmas.  Perfect. Not me however.  Oh well.  I think cabin fever is starting to affect me already.  Sigh.  Today the sun was shining for a bit.  It was 12F.  0F with the windchill.  And I was outside.  Bare hands.  Trying to get some pics of various birds.  My fingers turned a dark red.  No feeling.  Until I came back inside.  Then the pain hit.  Sometimes I think I’m stupid.  Only sometimes?  Sigh.  Did get some nice pics though.  And I can move my fingers now.

One of 3 of my gray jay friends, fluffed out to keep warm this afternoon.

It was a milder day as Dad and I went after another Christmas tree.  But the snow was deep that year.  We had receiver 40 inches of snow that November.  We should use snowshoes, I suggested to Dad.  He just looked at me like I was crazy.  I thought it was a good idea.  So did Mom.  So off we went.  Parked the car at a spot that looked good.  We put on our snowshoes.  You go first, said Dad.  Naturally.  I get the hard part.  The snow was soft.  I was used to snowshoes.  Dad was not.  As we began our trek into the forest I heard a scream of sorts.  I turned around to see Dad laying face down in the snow.  Helping him get up was no easy chore.  How did you manage to fall?, I asked.  Stepped on the snowshoe, he said.  You’re not supposed to do that, I reminded him.  BONEHEAD! Considering he was covered with snow I don’t know why he could be enjoying himself. For my new readers, whenever Dad said BONEHEAD I figured it must mean he was enjoying himself.  Why else would he say that?  I think it actually means something like, your head is empty.  But I like my definition.  Dad was never mad when he said that.  Just something he said.  Anyway, off we went again.  Dad said to slow down.  Fine.  Dad stayed behind me a ways for safety.  Why?  At one point there was a large spruce tree with low branches so I had to push one out of the way.  Since Dad was so far behind I knew it was safe to let go of the branch.  AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!  I turned.  Dad was laying in the snow again.  On his side this time.  He claimed the branch knocked him over.  Probably stepped on his snowshoe again.  You lost your hat, I remarked.  I picked it up and gave it to him.  AAAAA!!!  It’s full of snow, he said, why didn’t you dump the snow out of it?  I thought you would do that.  Had to help him up again.  He wanted to rest awhile.  I’ll scout around a bit, I said.  Fine.  It was quiet.  No wind.  Cloudy.  Not even any birds.  At the base of a pine up pops a little brown head.  He looked around a bit.  Then jumped out of his little tunnel and up the tree he went.  Looking for some lunch no doubt.  Found a real nice tree close to that spot.  Hmm, Dad has the saw.  Back I went.  Dad let me have the saw.  He didn’t want to go any further.  Got the tree and returned to where Dad was waiting.  Still so amazingly quiet.  Except now it was snowing.  Heavily. Amazing how quickly it started.  I handed Dad the saw.  You carry it, said Dad.  I already have the tree.  Oh well.  Dad was having trouble with those snowshoes.  He decided to take them off and walk instead.  Not a good idea.  After a little ways trudging through the deep snow he tripped on something.  Down he went.  How did you manage to land on your back?  Never mind, he said.  He had snow all over his face.  And down his neck.  When did you take your glasses off?, I asked.  Oh no!  He lost them in the snow.  I’ll help look, I offered.  Stay back!  Odd.  He actually found them fairly quickly.  And by now there was almost 2 inches of new snow.  We did walk a long way.  Finally back at the car poor Dad was huffing and could barely walk.  The snowshoes would have been easier, I said.  Forget it, he said.  Then it was off to our favorite COFFEE shop.  It stopped snowing by the time we arrived there.  Nothing like a good cup of hot COFFEE after a refreshing walk like that, I said.  Dad just looked at me.  But he did enjoy his COFFEE.

Baxter the blue jay was also trying to keep warm while waiting for a peanut.

I won’t be posting again until Christmas day.  Well, hey, I need to do something that day. Besides playing with Muffin.  Until then, Merry Christmas everyone!

Steve and Muffin.  (The featured image at the top is not mine)

2 Comments on “Looking For That Christmas Tree.

  1. Your birds look so cute !…indeed , shoppers are on the move and it is best to stay put…the trek to get a tree was so hilarious !

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