Christmas Tree Fun! Sort Of.

Good evening readers!  Yes, I know.  It’s Wednesday.  Why am I writing today?  Just felt like it.  Don’t expect this all the time.  Before I forget, there are some new pics in my gallery for your enjoyment.  Or not.  I will be adding some more over the next few days.

All set for Christmas?  Muffin and I are getting there.  A fun filled day.  Opening presents. Playing games.  Eating.  We have a great time.  Really.  And her present to me actually arrived yesterday.  Didn’t think it would make it before Christmas.  Yes, I know what it is. I had to order it.  But she picked it out.  With help.  But I did ask her for input.  Is this the one you want?  She meowed.  I asked a second time to make sure.  She meowed again.  Purrfectly timed.  And in her little kitten like meow.  It’s very soft.  That’s her talking meow.  Okay.  People think I’m crazy.  I probably am.  But I do get what I want.  And so does she.  Special food.  New toy.  Which she usually doesn’t play with.  She prefers the paper.  Or anything else.  Like the decorations.  Sigh.  And a new blanket.  Which she will like.

nuthatch eating
Just grabbing a bite to eat.

Dad and I were off to get a tree again.  There was a small lake in the way.  There was nice looking trees on the other side.  Naturally.  Let’s just cross the lake here, said Dad, it’s not too far.  Fine, I said.  You go first, said Dad.  Naturally.  Don’t worry, he said, it’s solidly frozen by now.  Right.  Then why am I going first?  And why is Dad staying 30 feet behind me?  Sigh.  About two thirds of the way across I heard a small cracking sound.  That’s okay.  A few feet later I heard a very loud and long cracking sound!  Forget the lake, I froze!  There was no snow on the ice at this point.  I looked down at my feet.  That looks like water, I said as I turned around to Dad.  There was slush in my footprints all the way back to where Dad was.  I say ‘was’.  Dad was already heading backward.  Naturally.  He stopped to see what was going to happen.  Thanks.  I hit the ice with my heel.  The ice broke.  Water came up on the ice.  This is not where I should be.  But I was.  I really didn’t want to move.  But I figured staying put was not a good option either.  So I quickly and carefully walked backward.  There was lots of cracking.  I prayed I wouldn’t fall through. That would not be fun.  By the time I got back to where Dad was, he was already back on shore.  Which is where I wanted to be.  And made it.  You certainly backtracked fast, I said.  I wanted to make sure I was safe so I could help you, he said.  Naturally.  Back on shore we both noticed a very nice tree not far from us.  Naturally.  A pileated woodpecker landed on a tree close by and started laughing.  They really do sound like they are laughing.  Ha, ha, I said in return.  They are a beautiful bird.  A flock of chickadees were around us as we cut the tree.  And on the way back we saw a black-backed three-toed woodpecker.  One of the less common woodpeckers we have and it’s always a treat to see one.

It is mild today and has actually been raining most of the day.  Very odd weather for us. The featured image at the top was taken yesterday, Dec. 18, that is not normal for this time of year, looks more like fall.  Not much activity at the feeders today either.  The gray jays were here.  Still didn’t get a pic though I tried.  I go out without my camera and they stay around.  I go out with my camera and they are gone.  Sigh.  One of these days.

Enjoy the remainder of your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

8 Comments on “Christmas Tree Fun! Sort Of.

  1. Good to hear u now have a doctor. Crazy weather but not complaining as will make winter “seem” shorter. Hmmm maybe an artificial tree would be safer. The tree finding stories are funny😀

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  2. We occasionally see pileated woodpeckers here. Several years ago a huge one went at it on a tree trunk near my window & returned for a few repeat performances. A fascinating (funky-looking) bird, but my favorite in the woodpecker family is the golden flicker. So glad you found your tree! 🌟🎄🌟

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    • Pileated woodpeckers sometimes come to feeders here, my landlord had one at her feeder last winter. Haven’t seen it this winter yet but I’m hoping it comes by again so I can get a pic of him.

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  3. Yes, more pictures please, i love them, my cat doesn’t liked her toys as well😁God bless you too

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