Snowshoeing Adventures. Part 2.

Greetings everyone! It’s great to be back with all of you again!  And a special greeting to all my new readers and followers!  I’m aiming for that number 50 in followers and it’s not far away.  I’m really quite excited about that so please help me out by telling others all about this blog!  If you want.  Or not.  That’s okay.

We got some more snow last night.  Not a lot.  About 6 inches or so.  It made everything so white.  And cold looking.  Except it wasn’t cold. It was really quite mild, 32F actually.  This has been a rather odd start to January which is normally such a cold month.  I’m not complaining though.  Cold and I do not get along too well anymore.  Sigh.  The birds were very busy today.

little downy woodpecker
This little downy woodpecker had to wait a while to get his turn at the suet. He had to wait for the hairy woodpecker (below) to finish his lunch.

And Mama (deer) came by for a visit as did Fuzzy (another deer).  I think the critters around here prefer summer.  Like me.  Okay.  I know what you are waiting for, so let’s get started.

I wasn’t really sure what to do so I brushed the snow off a rock and sat down so I could look over the situation.  I figured the only way off this ledge would be to climb up.  But that granite was so nice and smooth, except for some lichen growing on it.  Hmm.  While I was sitting some chickadees came along from the valley below.  A couple stopped for a bit and searched the broken trees beside me for any insects that may be hidden in the bark.  The off they flew up to the top of the cliff so effortlessly.  Hmm.  However, the way they went up I noticed a small twig sticking out of the snow.  And a little beyond that a small balsam was also barely showing itself through the snow.  Hmm.  If they were anchored strongly enough I might be able to pull myself up.  Problem.  The first one was just too high for me to reach even with the help of my snowshoe.  I looked at the broken trees.  Just might work.  I put one up against the rock, checked the branches to make sure they were strong enough to hold me, then started to climb.  I figured I just might be able to reach that first twig.  I was almost there when, SNAP!  That broken tree broke again.  And I tumbled down and nearly went over the edge of that ledge!  I mean, it was close.  Too close.  I rolled away slowly.  Unfortunately I hurt my knee, opposite leg to my twisted ankle, which was now throbbing quite badly.  I just had to get out of there quickly.  No one knew where I was.  And it was now windy which made it feel even colder.  Hmm.

Well, I looked at the other broken tree.  Why not?  What choice do I have?  It didn’t seem as solid as the last one and the branches were smaller, but it’s the only way to reach that twig.  I was hoping that twig was actually bigger than it looked.  Right.  With the tree in place I started to climb again.  Rats.  Still couldn’t reach that twig.  So I reached up with my snowshoe and tried brushing away the snow.  It was working.  And that twig had some little branches on it.  That was good.  Now if I could just hook my snowshoe on there.  Did it!  Except it wouldn’t stay on.  Sigh.  Now what?  I stood right on the top of that broken tree, hoping that it wouldn’t move, and I could just reach that little shrub.  I took my mitt off and grabbed that shrub tightly with my bare hand and pulled.  Amazingly it held and soon I had my other hand on the little balsam tree.  By pulling and sticking my feet into the snow I managed to get up to the next level which was just a small ledge not much bigger than me.  I sat in the snow to rest a bit.  My knee and ankle were quite swollen by now and the pain was getting worse.

There was a large pine at the top not far from me and while I was looking at it a hairy woodpecker flew by and landed on the tree.  He looked down at me and called loudly.

hairy woodpecker here for lunch
This hairy woodpecker was enjoying his lunch out here today.  He is one of several that come daily to enjoy the suet.

Maybe trying to encourage me?  It wasn’t so steep now as I struggled through the snow finally making it to the top.  I sat at the base of that big pine.  The chickadees were still around singing their name so cheerfully.

I still had a long walk back.  There was no way I could use my snowshoes now so I had to push my way through snow that was nearly waist deep at times.  I headed in the direction of one of my old snowshoe trails.  Walking would be easier then.  Those trails get hard after a bit and it’s like walking on a sidewalk.  It was 3:30 pm when I finally found the trail.  It took nearly an hour from there to get back, normally it wouldn’t have taken that long but I had to walk rather slowly.  And the wind was very cold.  But I did get to see a beautiful sunset across the lake as I was walking back.  Sigh.

I do miss snowshoeing.  Even though I did some stupid things at times.  Sigh.  There will be more crazy times coming up over the next month or two so stick around for some fun. Enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin and critters.

2 Comments on “Snowshoeing Adventures. Part 2.

  1. Steve, after leaving us with that ‘cliffhanger’ (literally) on Friday, so glad you made it back safely from your nerve wracking (knee breaking) snowshoe adventure. Love your bird pics! 🤪🕊🙃🕊🤪

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