Nooo!!! It’s Back!!

It’s hard to believe.  That most terrible of northern plagues has hit once again.  It’s the dreaded CABIN FEVER!  It can strike when you least expect it.  And it can hit anyone, people or animals.  No, I don’t believe people are animals.  Anyway, Muffin caught it the same time as I did.  Amazing.  We both came down with this terrible fever the same week.  But it usually does strike in January.  And it’s absolutely terrible.  It makes a person tired.  You don’t want to do anything.  It’s hard to get out of bed.  It can take your appetite away.  Or make you eat more.  Just depends on the person.  Or cat.  Muffin generally likes to eat more.  I generally eat less.  But even though you don’t want to do anything you still want to do something.  That one is hard to figure.

Cabin fever hits me every winter.  Which is why I decided a few years ago to do something about it.  I created International Cabin Fever Day.  Never heard of it?  Not surprising.  I don’t usually tell people about it.  Okay, it’s not exactly a formal holiday.  But it is a fun holiday.  I discovered that there are a lot of fun holidays made up by people that fill almost every day of the year.  Sometimes 3 or 4 on the same day.  That must to tough.  This holiday is on January 28.  Why?  No reason.  Just decided to pick that date.  So mark your calendars.  Have fun.  Muffin, who is presently sitting on my laptop making it very difficult to type this (sigh), and I always have a little party.  Cake.  Hats.  Games. And COFFEE!  Lots of COFFEE!  COFFEE in the cup to drink.  COFFEE in the cake, just add some instant COFFEE to the mix, works great.  COFFEE in the cookies, same procedure.  Okay, Muffin skips the COFFEE.  Except in the cake.  She loves cake.  Most any cake.  Finally, she is on my lap instead of my laptop.  Sigh.

Going for a nice long walk through the winter forest was good for helping reduce Cabin Fever.  Can’t do that now.  Being outside with my birds helps some.  Except it’s too cold right now.  I wanted to be outside the other day getting some pics of my birds while it was such a nice sunny day.  We don’t get many sunny days.  At least not this winter.  But it was just too cold.  Hard to click a pic when my fingers are so cold they won’t move.  Besides, this time of year it takes 20 minutes to dress to go outside.  After all that time I don’t want to go out.  Muffin is now on the desk beside my laptop.  Looking at me.  With that ‘look’.  Meaning she wants food.  Or I lose a finger.  Food it is.

I like to work on small projects when Cabin Fever hits.  Like my birdhouses.  These are not meant to be used.  By birds.  They are table decorations.  Like this one here.birdhouse 3  Complete with stone chimney.  The idea is to change the decorating ideas with the seasons.  And with various holidays.  One birdhouse.  Many possibilities.  This one is ready for January.  That cold look.  Sigh.

I prefer something warm this time of year.  Which is why staying indoors and drinking COFFEE is such a good idea.  Or going to Hawaii.  Like my featured image above showing some of Hawaii’s beauty.  Thanks to Candace for allowing me to use her photo.  I will be using more of her photos over the winter.

Pine siskins are trying to take over my bird feeders these days.busy pine siskins  There are around 70 of these little birds.  Unfortunately they tend to keep the other little birds away from the feeders.  They are very bossy, and tough little critters.  So occasionally I go outside which scares them away for awhile so the chickadees can get some food.  Sigh.

Speaking of food.  That shrike was around again this afternoon.  I heard the blue jays give their warning cry.  Muffin and I immediately went to the window.  Muffin understands that warning cry too.  There was the shrike at the top of a tree.  There was nine blue jays.  All the little birds were motionless.  Finally one of the blue jays attacked the shrike chasing it through the trees.  Then a second blue jay entered the fight.  Finally two more entered the chase and the four of them chased that shrike for a good long distance.  Once they returned everything else returned to normal with all the baxter  And I put out extra peanuts for those blue jays.  They are the police force of the birds.

Sigh.  I guess I should close.  I know.  I didn’t really say much. I will be making some changes to my blog over the next couple months, will keep you informed.  Muffin wants to play now too.  But she does meow ‘hi’ to everyone.  I know.  It’s that Cabin Fever.  More snowshoeing fun on Monday.  Enjoy your weekend everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

14 Comments on “Nooo!!! It’s Back!!

  1. Never understood why a lot of people don;t like Blue Jays. I could look at them all day for their beauty. But since they are the police force for the birds, shouldn’t they be wearing RCMP uniforms since they are up there?

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  2. I caught that fever, too! And there’s a snow storm coming our way tomorrow night. Sigh… Your birdhouse is awesome! And I love your bird pictures! Stay warm and keep busy! Hi Muffin!

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    • Thanks so much for your great comment, hopefully that snowstorm won’t be too bad. Glad you liked the birdhouse, I’m working on some others now. I told Muffin 🐈 you said hi, she meowed her hi. Have a great weekend!

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  3. Steve, what a creative birdhouse decoration (that would make a nice dining room table centerpiece.) I’m also a blue jay groupie but didn’t know they wear hats as bird police – cool! Stay warm! ☕️💨🤗💨☕️

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    • Thanks for the very nice comment on my birdhouse 🐦! I am working on some others now. Helps with the cabin fever 🏡! Blue jays are a good bird to have around. Enjoy your weekend!


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