It’s Spring! Well, sort of.

Good morning everyone on this first day of spring!  And it certainly was a beautiful day even here in the north.  It was 41F for us and sunny, which really isn’t so bad.  I know some of you are thinking, hey, that’s cold.  After what we have had this winter, it’s nice.  I could be out on my deck with no jacket watching my little bird friends.

chickadee whee 3
One of my little black capped chickadees with a sunflower seed already shelled in his beak.

There wasn’t many birds around today though.  With the return of spring the birds are spreading out a bit.  So, until the summer birds begin returning there won’t be much action out here.  Sigh.

I missed them.

The hoary redpolls have gone and I never got a photo of them.  Sigh.  I did try.  Even had the one female hop right over to my camera and peak in the lens.  Trying to see me I guess.  Just a little too close for a pic though.  Oh well.  However, I am looking forward to all the birds soon to return and I will be snapping pics right and left and upside down too.  It’s a busy season coming up for bird activity.  I hope.  Will be trying for some I missed last year.  Like that rose breasted grosbeak.  I managed to get the female last year but that male just did not want to cooperate.  At least not when I had my camera.

A little pine siskin enjoying a bit of sunshine.

I know…

Forget the birds, get back to that spring cleaning.  I do not like spring cleaning.  Especially with those huge spiders.  I think I mentioned them before.  Of course, it’s only the females that get big, the males are small.  There is lots of them around.  Until I see them.  Catch them and let them go outside, I have been told.  Forget it.  That just means even more.

Right, cleaning…

I mentioned about my small bedroom last time.  Have you ever been in a position where you can’t see under something but you have to reach under there anyway?  I don’t like that.  I reach under this cabinet.  My fingers feel something that they shouldn’t feel.  Fur. I know none of Muffin’s furry toys are under there.  Suddenly I freeze.  Now what?  I’m laying on the floor.  I can’t move fast in that position.  Or any other position for that matter.  Though when it comes to certain things like those spiders, then I can move fast. Except when I am laying flat on the floor.  I get up slowly.  Insert groaning here.  I get my flashlight, which I should have had in the first place, but forgot.  Back down.  Shine flashlight.  No spiders.  Whew.  But…there is a dead mouse.  What was left of it.  Sigh.  That would account for the smell a while back.  I thought it was a dead mouse, just couldn’t find it.  Sigh.


We shall skip any more details on said mouse.  So, next, under the bed.  I had to remove all the stuff I had under there first.  Carefully.  Spiders like hiding in stuff.  Nothing.  Good.  Now I have to lie flat on the floor again.  Have flashlight this time.  I shine flashlight.  Hmm, nothing.  Except huge piles of dust.  Amazing.  I start cleaning all that dust.  Suddenly…Muffin shows up.  And lays down.  Not beside me.  Right in front of my face.  I can’t see, I tell Muffin.  She looks at me.  It really didn’t look like she cared.  I try to push her aside.  She looks at my hand.  I smile and say, nice kitty, I can wait.  I really don’t want her going under the bed and getting covered with dust.  But I can’t really do much in my present position.  Actually, it’s getting rather hard to move. 


Muffin decides it doesn’t look interesting and moves.  Good.  Right onto my back.  Not good.  My arms and legs are starting to go numb being on the floor so long.  And with Muffin lying down on my back I really can’t get up.  And I can’t move my arms around to push myself up.  Just isn’t any room.  I really shouldn’t be down on the floor like this in the first place.  So why am I doing this?  Because I’m not very smart.  I like questions that are easy to answer.


I guess Muffin got bored.  And I was stiff as a board.  I asked Muffin to help me get up.

A red breasted nuthatch also enjoying some sun, at least it looks like it anyway.

  I know, that’s kind of strange.  But I was desperate.  And she helped in her usual way.  She licked my nose and walked away.  Thanks.  I was really getting sore by this point.  But I managed to get up.  Somehow.  Not really sure how it worked out.  Then I lay down again.  On my bed this time.  I decided to finish the cleaning another time.  Sigh.  Amazing how something simple can be so complicated.


It’s an absolutely beautiful time of year!  And the snow is melting quite fast, down about a foot already.  Another foot and a half to go.  Or more.  But the main thing, it’s melting!

Thank you for joining Muffin and I on another of our little adventures.  I think hiking would be safer next time.  Oh, Muffin has written a new post, just go to my home page and check out Muffins Mewsings.  Also, I have begun my new page of mini devotionals called Life’s Recipe.  You will find that on the menu bar.  Until next we meet, enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

40 Comments on “It’s Spring! Well, sort of.

  1. I’m glad it’s getting warmer for you!! I was holding my breath when you felt that fur! 😮 Have fun cleaning. I’m off to read what Muffin is up to now. And your devotional. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Eeek not fun finding the remnants of a mouse. Lol on Muffins behavior. So like a cat to observe her human and be bored with it. Cute post!


  3. That goodness that fur was not a big female spider…but still ewww.

    Your posts always brighten my day. And I thoroughly enjoy the pics 🙂


  4. I tell you if I had felt that fur, I would have gained inhuman strength somehow! 😂 Muffin sounds like a hoot! Love the bird pics! And around where I come from, we would say that spring cleaning is for “the birds” lol… I need to start my own. I am just now getting over sickness, so I will get to it soon! Thanks for giving me a chuckle this morning!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Renee, thanks so much for reading and for your nice comment!😁 Glad you were able to get a chuckle this morning, it certainly wasn’t fun feeling that fur for sure! I hope you have a great day and glad to hear you are feeling better, being sick is no fun.


  5. Ugh, I feel for you with feeling that ‘fur’. Yikes. I have battled mice in the house before and it is NOT fun.
    I was treated by seeing a Robin in my yard yesterday–which is always a sure sign that it IS spring. It was the first Robin I’ve spotted in 2019.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t like having mice inside at all, but Muffin 🐈 disagrees with me on that! Always nice to see the first robin of the season, it will likely be a while before they arrive here though. Thanks for the nice comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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  7. She was simply telling you is wasn’t time to Spring Clean. You didn’t hear that? LOL. You two are so funny. I laughed out loud at the party when she laid on your back. My 6 & 3 year old daughters surely would have done the same. Haha, parenthood sacrifices lol 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Happy spring, you are so lucky to have all of them arround you🤗


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