Monday’s Mess.

A big hello to all my readers, actually from both Muffin and I.  She always likes when I include her, after all, she is a big part of this blog.  And, of course, she has her own little ‘blog’ which you can find on my home page.  Sometimes she gets more likes than I do.  Odd.  I hope she didn’t see that.  It’s amazing what she understands sometimes.

Muffin enjoying her little patch of sunshine. She loves her sun, even if it’s only a tiny patch!

And I know I have said this before, but, she is going to write a new post very soon, likely tomorrow.

Something odd…

About this guy, you say?  Probably true.  But there are whole books written from an animals perspective.  That’s what I do.  I mean, Muffin does.  Sigh.  I do that a lot.  Sigh, that is.  But what do you expect?  Considering all the strange things that happen to me. If you don’t think so just check out I Have Been Inside.  Though even stranger things have happened I think.  But I try not to think about them.  Sigh.

This evening…

I am sitting here drinking a nice hot cup of raspberry leaf tea.  Nice.  It’s a good tea for winter.  And it’s still winter.  Although it is supposed to get warmer this week and actually do some melting!  I sure hope so.  There is still a lot of snow out there.  However, those 2 nice days last week did cause the snow to settle down a lot.

I am really looking forward to the return of my little chipmunks! This little critter is Rusty, from last summer.

  Only about 2 feet on the ground now.  Okay, a little deeper in places.  Poor deer on Saturday.  She got off the path out back and ended up to her stomach in snow as she wandered about looking for food.  She finally got back on the path.  It can be a dangerous thing to get off the path we should be on.

Speaking of…

Spring cleaning.  I am now.  I really do not like spring cleaning.  It means moving furniture around, putting my hands in places I cannot see which I definitely do not like due to the extra large spiders around here.  Today wasn’t quite so dangerous however. But it did involve moving  furniture.  Most of my furniture is stuff I have made over the years.  And it’s solid wood.  And quite heavy.  Fortunately after my apartment flooded I decided to put casters on everything.  Those little wheels make things much easier to move around.  Although my doctor says I shouldn’t be doing it anyway.  So how am I supposed to clean then?  First came moving my desk so I could clean behind and under it and my TV cabinet.  It moved quite easily.  Once it started moving.  Getting it started however, was a different matter entirely.  Sigh.

Muffin wanted to help.

She always likes helping when I’m doing something she considers exciting.  Like moving furniture so she can get behind things.  I am down on the floor and Muffin starts playing leap frog.  You know, jumping over each other.  She did a much better job than I did.  I tried jumping over her.  Not smart.  She moved.  I tried not to land on her.  I landed alright.  But not the way I should have.  I tripped.  And slipped.  Whack!  Against the desk. Then I landed against the door.  Which is beside the desk.  Then I landed on the small bench on the other side of the door.  And my face came into contact with the door frame. Sigh.  You would have to see how small this apartment is to really get the picture here.

But all in all…

Things went quite well.  After all the moaning and groaning was over.  And the lump on my head is barely noticeable.  And my leg was sore anyway.  What’s a little more pain? So, anyway, I decided to clean under my bed and dresser next.  I should have been smart enough to stop after the desk.  But I have never claimed to be smart.  As I mentioned, this place is small.  The bedroom is the smallest I have ever had.  It’s 7 ft wide and 10.5 ft long.  With a twin bed, dresser, bookcase, and two cabinets in there.  Not to mention a washer/dryer combo.  And Muffin’s water dish.  That’s important to mention?  Yes.


No, I don’t mean rats.  I mean rats.  As in, this is already getting long and there is no way I can finish this story today and so I will have to wait until Wednesday to finish what I was hoping I could finish today but can’t because there just isn’t enough time.

Here is another male pine grosbeak for you to enjoy. This one is from last Friday and my last pic of one. They have all taken off north for the summer now. Hardy birds these.

  That kind of rats.  That’s one of my favorite sayings.  Hmm, maybe I should do a post on my favorite sayings one day.  By the way, I will be starting a new page this week.  Look for it on my menu bar, it will be called ‘Life’s Recipe’.  It will be a series of mini devotionals which I will share, five at a time, each week.  I hope you will enjoy it.  The name was suggested by one of my longtime faithful readers.  Thanks Yonnie!  Don’t forget to check out everything else too if you are interested in more here on Steve’s Country.  And…I promise that Muffin will have something new tomorrow on her page, Muffin’s Mewsings. You can find that on my home page.

Well, until next time, I hope you will have a great couple of days and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.  (ps, the featured image above is a tiny male downy woodpecker sitting on my broom handle)

© 2019 Steve McLeod


35 Comments on “Monday’s Mess.

  1. I’m one of the weird ones who can say I look forward to spring cleaning, because I can purge a lot of my stuff that I’m not using. I don’t like clutter or hoarding anything. Plus I like to give away things, and since I tend to keep things in great shape it’s a win for someone else. It’s beautiful how you are surrounded by nature, but big spiders not so much fun. I’d have to pack my bags and move out immediately if I’d seen one. Ewww!
    Can’t wait to see your devotionals.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Tiffany! I definitely need to get rid of some stuff, but how is the big problem. I like to keep things in good condition too. Four inch spiders are definitely not on my favorite list and I must admit, I would move but it’s impossible to find a place to rent in this town right now. Hope you enjoy your evening!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Steve, I was hoping for another post where you didn’t hit your head on something. Now the suspense will get the best of me til Wednesday to hear about your cleaning the room and if there were spiders…

    Liked by 4 people

    • I sometimes like suspense! It’s amazing what can be found beneath…until Wednesday! I hit my head so much it’s amazing, sometimes I think I should wear a hard hat. Oh well.


      • 😂😂
        When I find a job I can mail you a large roll of bubble wrap.

        I was told my an ex-employer that I would have to wear one. I told them it would not help me at all. No hair mean that little button in the top of the hat would be the death of me if I hit it too hard. I was like I can live with scars just not a permanent intention in my head…lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • Odd, my brother suggested bubble wrap one time too! That button on the hat made me laugh and made me remember some times with my Dad and the button on his hat! I need to get back to more adventures with my Dad and I, they were hilarious at times.


      • Ha, that’s funny.

        Interesting you bring up your dad. I’ve been pondering writing some more hunting/fishing/golfing stories from my teens. The ones with my dad are only funny now that I’ve gotten older and can laugh at his anger issues

        Liked by 1 person

      • I have written a lot about adventures with my dad while we were out fishing, hiking and insulatoring! They were absolutely hilarious though not always at the time!


  3. You just reminded I need to spring clean mine. I think I should as well by month end! I love the photos. I see Muffin is giving some “who cares looks”. I wonder what told her. Lol

    Liked by 2 people

    • It’s supposed to start melting today and stay melting every day now, sure hope that is correct!😁 I hope to have my new page in place later today unless technology foils me again! I’m now getting your posts by email!☺. But when I try to go to your site it takes me to your old site. Sigh, technology really does hate me!😞. There are 2 other sites I am having trouble with too, so it’s not just yours. Thanks so much for your comment Michelle!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I am so tickled to have found Muffin’s Blog with a side of your work. Haha kidding! Your posts are so personable. It’s as if we’re sitting over coffee and chatting about the day. Love it! Looking forward to reading more 🙂 Squeeze Muffin for me and my two girls.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Steve I see Muffin like to Sun Bathe, which she does quite well! Great pictures as usually. Love the Squirrel. I have one who has declared my yard his. Its weird because it has put all his food in my yard. No other Squirrels 🐿 Cross him. This Guy is Territorial, sits on my porch, but as soon as he sees my camera is off and up Mr. Hollow Tree next door. Lol 😂
    Great Blog by the way 💜🙏😊

    Liked by 1 person

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