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Monday’s Mess.

A big hello to all my readers, actually from both Muffin and I.  She always likes when I include her, after all, she is a big part of this blog.  And, of course, she has her own little ‘blog’ which you can find on…

Happy Family Day!

Good morning all!  I imagine most of you have never heard of Family Day, but it is a holiday here in Ontario and some other provinces as well, though they don’t all refer to it as Family Day.  I must admit to being a…

Wednesday Wanderings…Tea Time!

Oh my, I got myself sidetracked once again.  Sigh.  I really wanted this out earlier today, but things just didn’t work out.  We got snow again.  Nine inches altogether.  Not so bad really.  Except for me.  Ended up hurting my back again.  Seems to…

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