Category: Country Pleasures

End Of Another Week. Thankfully.

A big hello to all of you on this, well, cool, Friday!  And I mean cool, as in cold, cool.  Sigh. Well, we didn’t get too much snow anyway.  That was nice.  But now there is nothing but ice everywhere because it turned cold…

I Have Been Inside.

Here it is another Friday and here I am saying, GOOD MORNING to all my faithful readers!  True, it isn’t morning for some of us but it is for others.  And, as I have said before, I LOVE mornings!  Everything is fresh, new and…

Just little Country Pleasures.

Good morning everyone on this typical February day!  At least it’s not too cold today, just a little snow falling and sun shining in between.  Yesterday that redpoll I have been trying to photograph was on the feeder, with many other birds.  So I…

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