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Squirrel Playtime…A Fun Poem.

Squirrel Playtime There he goes right up the tree, Climbing fast and running free. Just watch him go, to the top, Little squirrel, never stop. Down he comes so very fast, Jumps in the snow, at the last. In the snow he likes to…

White Pine…A Poem.

There is a favorite spot of mine where I like to sit right at the end of my walking path.  There are many red pine and white pine trees in that area.  But there is one by itself right on the rock by the…

Midweek Meanderings.

Hello dear readers on this beautiful Wednesday.  The day is just beginning here at Steve’s Country, the sun is shining brilliantly and sparkling off the new golden green leaves of the aspens.  The leaves are still small, but they are growing now.  It really…

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