I Have Been Inside.

Here it is another Friday and here I am saying, GOOD MORNING to all my faithful readers!  True, it isn’t morning for some of us but it is for others.  And, as I have said before, I LOVE mornings!  Everything is fresh, new and just feels absolutely great.  If you are not a morning person, well, you’re missing something.  Being awake as the sun begins to peak over the horizon, listening to the birds singing their morning chorus which is absolutely wonderful to hear.

This here is Fuzzy with her little one from last year.  That snow is deeper than it looks, about 2 and a half feet, but they have a hard packed path now. This is not far from my deck.

  So full of life, so soothing, so rich, it’s one of those amazing country pleasures that I enjoy so much.  Being in the country makes it even better of course, but even here in town it can still be beautiful.

A beautiful day…

It really was today.  Even though cloudy it was much milder, actually reached 20F today and that’s not bad considering the bitterly cold weather we had just last weekend.  But, with the good comes the not so good, namely, more snow is arriving tomorrow.

A male hairy woodpecker having lunch yesterday.

  Sigh.  I had to shovel snow today.  My landlord had someone clear the snow off the roof.  And it covered my dryer vent.  That snow was packed in hard and I had to clear 3 feet of that snow away.  The pile of snow along my path is now about 6 feet deep.  And we are getting more.  Only one place left to put that snow.  Oh well.  It’s milder.  And that makes me feel good.  Even if I can barely move right now.  Sigh.

Poor Muffin…

She did not like all that stomping on the roof when the man was clearing the snow yesterday.  She hid.  I’m not sure where.  Couldn’t find her.  She may have been under the bed, behind all the stuff under there.  Or she may have been in her cave.  It was about half an hour after the noise stopped before she came out again.  Poor cat.

However, once it was quiet, she got back to relaxing.  It was a little hard getting a good picture of her in front of that bright window though.  Sigh.

Ever had…

A break in?  You know, someone enters your house and steals stuff.  Or enters your house but doesn’t steal anything.  It does happen.  Or maybe enters your house and makes themselves at home, kind of messy types, and then leave.  Or perhaps they enter your house and leave without doing a thing so you can’t even tell someone was inside.  Okay, that last one is a tough one.  But it can happen.  I have had each of these happen to me.


Come in and steal things.  Happened to me twice.  In two different places.  Amazing really.  The second one, yep, guess they were looking for something particular which I didn’t have.  I think it may have had to do with the previous tenant.  Or not.  The third one, yep, they used the shower, left it dirty, even used my towels.  Actually they left the whole bathroom a bit messy.  I am certain that had to do with a previous tenant.  One time a guy broke in to my apartment at night while I was home.  He fled when he saw me come out of my bedroom.

The last one…

Is interesting.  How do you know someone has been inside if there is no evidence?  Quite simple.  I got a phone call from a pleasant young lady stating she had been inside.  Right. Like I will believe that.  But…she went on to tell me all the things she saw in my apartment.  Things she could only know about if she had been inside.  Now that one was a bit unnerving.  Made me feel odd.  Knowing someone had been inside my apartment is one thing, but knowing they had searched through all my stuff, well, that just plain made me feel odd.

All these break ins…

Happened at different places I lived.  Although I had two in one place.  Changing the locks helped.  I think.  Made me feel a bit better anyway.  Also made me feel these people might have had a key.  Except twice where they definitely broke in.  Of course, picking the locks would have been easy, especially at a couple places that didn’t have good locks anyway.  Good locks are a must these days.  Not foolproof, but it helps.

Speaking of…

Spring cleaning.  I have started mine.  It takes me a while.  So I decided to start now.  It can be…hmm, maybe I should leave that one for Monday.  Some things just seem to happen to me.  Odd things.  Funny things.  Like…no, I’m saving that for Monday.  Sigh. I hope you all will have a wonderful, exciting, relaxing, weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (featured image above from beautiful Hawaii, supplied by Candace)

© 2019 Steve McLeod

39 Comments on “I Have Been Inside.

  1. Muffin is so cute❤️
    The picturers is so lovely,take my breath away, and I love mornings too.
    Have a nice day, and filled it with love and happiness🦋

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  2. I love mornings but I invariably sleep around 3 A.M and wake around 10 A.M. So I miss out on the repose and freshness of the morning.

    It’s fun the way Muffin poses. I noticed she can pose real well.

    Break-ins? Nope. I’m a lucky one.

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  3. “Yes” to morning being the best part of the day, “no” to break-ins. We’ve been blessed! I don’t know about you, but I don’t like transitioning to daylight savings time so early in the spring. We were just getting a good dose of sunlight before 7:00 a.m. (OK, on the days the sun isn’t hidden by clouds), and now the powers-that-be will take it away from us! P.S. Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog, From the Inside Out. I pray you’ll find the posts meaningful whenever you’re able to visit!

    Liked by 2 people

    • True enough, right now it’s getting daylight at 6 which will be 7 starting tomorrow. But it is nice in the summer, otherwise it would be daylight at 2:30 am. The time change can be hard though at the beginning. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  4. I’m glad you’re all safe from those escapades. I once had my car window busted. They rifled through all my stuff but took nothing. Apparently I had bad taste in music because they didn’t take any of my CDs. 😄

    I read a biography of L.M. Montgomery (most known for writing Anne of Green Gables) and I came across a quote I wanted to share with Muffin:

    “The only true animal is a cat, and the only true cat is a gray cat.”

    Lucy Maud Montgomery

    So there you go, Muffin. You can take that to the bank! 😉😁

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    • I read the quote to Muffin 🐈 as she’s curled up on my lap and she just closed her eyes slightly then looked up at me. Sometimes I think she actually understands or perhaps saying, okay, more privileges please!🙀. Good quote, thanks for sharing it!😁

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  5. Morning sounds amazing from where you are! I’m not a morning person if mornings mean get up in the city and traffic and noise to get to work, but if I’m in the village or mountain and I will wake up on birds voices, I’m definitely a morning person!
    Muffin is a cute cat and the break in is so weird! You should take precautions or inform the police I guess
    Thank you for sharing 👍😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do take precautions now, especially since someone threatened to kill me last summer. Yes, I did notify the police. Morning in the country, or even the small town where I live, is definitely nicer than morning in a larger city. Muffin 🐈 meows her thanks for the nice compliment! Thanks for reading and commenting, I hope you have a great day!

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      • It’s like a movie! I hope things will be solved and you’ll be safe
        Yes I always loved villages and small towns, I don’t like city, we’re forced to live in city for work purpose (at least for me)
        My pleasure and all the best to you and Muffin 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      • I used to live in the city for a while, didn’t like it, I was glad when the opportunity came for more country like living, even though in town it’s not quite country, but it’s close!☺

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  6. I’m still reeling from the break-in stories. Seriously? Someone called you to tell you they broke in? What kind of bat-shit-crazy is that?
    I can honestly say that no one has every invaded my personal space like that. I suffer from anxiety and would have lost my mind with worry. I think you need to get another more ‘threatening’ looking kitty. Lol! Too bad I don’t live nearby. I’d have your back. No one messes with this kitty! I carry a Ruger 380.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, thanks for following! I hope you will enjoy my blog! Yes indeed, these stories are true. That one who called to let me know was definitely weird, I moved from that place soon after. Have a great day!☺


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  8. About the weird phone call, I think you have to take it seriously. Make a police report, you never know. Honestly I’ve never heard something like that before.
    It’s actually pretty scary.
    Take care and be safe.

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