Monday’s Munchings.

Good morning to everyone on this somewhat chilly Monday!  It’s not really that bad compared to our bitterly cold of winter, but it was still chilly at -2F.  It should be much milder this time of year, but the good news is, the temp is rising!  Supposed to be melting tomorrow with a high of 38F to 41F.  Not bad.  And two days of that.

siskin on branch
A pine siskin sitting in the apple tree.

  And then…more snow.  Sigh.  We just had 6 inches on the weekend.  I still haven’t recovered completely from shoveling that snow.  It’s getting deep out there.  Sigh.

The birds…

Are definitely not so busy at the feeders right now.  At least I don’t freeze standing out there taking pics.  But, there isn’t much action.  I have been trying to get pics of the hoary redpolls.  There are 2, male and female.  They look cute, so very white compared to the common redpolls.  But they won’t cooperate with me.  The female was here this afternoon and I was out there camera in hand.  She landed right in front of the camera.  I mean right in front.  Blocked the lens.  Too close for a pic.  Sigh.  She looked right at the lens.  I think she was trying to see me.  Or laugh at me.  Then she flew away.  Amazing. I don’t have much time left before they head back north.  Sigh.

Flying lessons…

Believe me, it was involuntary.  I think I may have mentioned before that my landlord painted my deck last summer with a high gloss paint.  That paint was not meant for a deck.  It is amazingly slippery.  Especially with a little wet snow on it.

Just had to include a pic of Albert, my resident rock dove. Most people refer to them as pigeons.

  Like Saturday evening.  I went out to shovel some of the snow.  I stepped on the deck.  That was it.  I was airborne.  Not a nice feeling.  Arms and legs waving about in every direction imaginable.  Why?  There is nothing to grab hold of.  So why bother?  I still landed just as hard.  I think that hurt my back more than shoveling snow.  Which I didn’t bother to do right then.  I came in to lie down.  And do some moaning and groaning for a while.  Sigh.


I have said before I don’t like shopping.  But it’s something I have to do.  Muffin gets hungry.  I don’t like that look she gives me when she’s hungry.  So I’m shopping.  Hey, they actually have the crackers I buy on sale.  Not bad.  Usually they don’t even have them.  But…they are on the top shelf.  Naturally.  Stacked two high.  Now really, who would do such a thing?  But, the store always says ask for help for items on the top shelf. And there was an employee working on that aisle.  Amazing.  I went and asked for help. She came and looked.  Now there was a problem.  She was shorter than me.  She says, I can’t reach that high.  I kind of figured that already.  So she goes back to her work.  That’s it?  She isn’t going to get one of those step ladder things that they have?  Or call for someone else?  Guess not.  So I shook the shelf.  A whole bunch of boxes fell down.  I took what I wanted and left.  I did put the remainder on the shelf.  Just not on the top shelf. Sigh.  I don’t like shopping.

This female pine grosbeak has more color than the others.


Always me…

I bought a bag of potatoes today.  I left it on the floor until I figured out where to put it. I needed to get in the cupboard.  So I moved the bag of potatoes.  Behind me.  I wasn’t thinking.  But that’s normal.  I turned to leave.  Sigh.  Tripped over the bag of potatoes. Ended up inspecting the floor to see how clean it was.  My was of saying, I fell.  Sigh.  Back to that moaning and groaning again.

Spring cleaning…

Is not really my idea of fun.  But it has to be done.  Of course it means moving furniture, getting under things, behind things, on top of things.  And it’s best to do before those huge monster spiders decide to wake up.  I hope there is none inside.  But you never know.  And I don’t want to put my hands under something and find one of those things! Anyway…hmm, getting late again.  Better stop for now.  I will continue this little adventure next time.  Unless I’m too busy moaning and groaning.

So I will say good bye to you for now from Muffin and I, enjoy your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod


24 Comments on “Monday’s Munchings.

    • I tried mentioning that before it was painted, several times, didn’t help. Sigh. I have tried sand, which works for a while, but it also gets tracked inside making a mess by the door. Can’t win.😞. Shaking the shelf certainly worked good!😅

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  1. Your posts always make me smile! Eeww to the spiders! My mom used to clean a log cabin when I was little and there was always huge spiders somewhere in that house! Most of them were dead under the couch but they were still terrible!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol I was laughing out loud while reading. I love your posts, Steve.

    “She looked right at the lens.  I think she was trying to see me.  Or laugh at me.  Then she flew away.” Lol 😂

    “Guess not. So I shook the shelf. A whole bunch of boxes fell down. I took what I wanted and left.”

    This sent knots in my stomach. Lol I had to laugh, ’cause I was creating the the whole scene in my head …her being shorter, leaving, and then you shaking the shelve. 😂

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  3. Steve I don’t know where to start? Everything is absolutely beautiful I have enjoyed this day on your journey. Your words created such imagery and the photographs of the birds are wonderful. I Love the Grosbeak, it’s my first time seeing one too! The birds & snow, it looks like a card.
    Thanks for sharing 💜🙏😑

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  4. I saw a lot of posts, but they are only birds that can not be seen in Japan. Thank you😊

    Liked by 1 person

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