Wednesday Wanderings…Spring Cleaning

Hello everyone on this very beautiful early spring day!  I’m not saying that spring is early.  Just that it’s early in the spring.  Actually I’m not so sure that spring has really arrived just yet, but it is very nice, the snow is melting for the second day, and it didn’t even freeze overnight.  Not bad.  It’s possible to see a difference in the snow level too.

Just across the street from the driveway, signs of melting!

Although that might be hopefulness on my part.  But there is a difference in some areas. There is lots of water around.  So nice to see after such a long winter.


Isn’t quite finished yet however.  Another snowstorm is on the way tonight and tomorrow.  Sigh.  I know it will stop at some point.  But when?  I’m really looking forward to seeing green outside again.  And warm weather.  And Muffin.  Hey, where did she come from?  She likes attention sometimes.  And sometimes those sometimes are odd times sometimes.  Sometimes anyway.  Poor Muffin.  It’s spring.  She knows it’s warmer outside.  She wants that door open.  She likes to sit by the screen door and sniff that fresh air.  I don’t blame her for that.  But…it’s still a bit too cool to have that door open.  She doesn’t understand that.  Poor Steve.  Muffin doesn’t believe me.

Not exactly pretty, but part of the pathway to my apartment. Lots of melting to go.

  And she looks at my feet.  I don’t like the way she looks at my feet.  If you have been reading my blog for a while you already know what that means.  If not, well, it isn’t pleasant.  It means me running for the bandages.  Or make sure I have my slippers on.  But they don’t protect my ankles.  Sigh.  Early spring can be dangerous.

Spring cleaning…

Time is here again.  Sort of.  I decided to attack that old kitchen cabinet I have.  It sits about 4 inches off the floor.  And that means it can get a bit dusty underneath.  It’s also a good place for those huge spiders to live.  I don’t like spiders.  But there is normal spiders.  And there is these huge monster spiders that are big enough to carry a mouse away.  They are even too fast for Muffin to catch.  I’m talking spiders that are 4 inches across, or more.  That is just too big for me.  So spring cleaning needs to start early so these creatures won’t be active.  Hopefully. 


I don’t want to just put my hand under there.  However, I can’t see under there neither.  Unless I lay flat on the floor and look.  I don’t really like that idea neither.  Coming face to face with something like that is not what I want to do.  Especially since I can’t get up fast enough.  Of course, in a situation like that I just might be able to.  Sigh.

Down I go…

With undoubtedly a look of terror on my face.  I had to move a few things so I would have enough room.  I had my nice bright flashlight ready.  There I am, on the floor.  I move carefully over closer to the cabinet.  Flashlight on.  Large stick ready.  Rats.  Forgot my cleaning supplies.  I get up.  Get supplies.  Down again.  Flashlight on.  What a scary mess.  I couldn’t see any spiders.  But I couldn’t see the whole area under there.  Oh well, here goes.  AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!  Muffin just climbed up onto my back.  That wasn’t nice.  I was nervous enough.  She is sitting on my back.  She seems to like doing that when I’m on the floor.  I put my hand under, reaching all the way.  Just dust.  Thankfully.  Muffin is lying down.  I can’t get up.  With my back this is not a good position to be in.  And I can’t reach Muffin to push her off.


Must have gotten bored.  She left voluntarily.  Amazing.  Now, however, I am getting rather sore lying down here.  Which didn’t make it any easier getting up.  Sigh.  Whack. My head.  How did I do that?  Well, it’s easy for me I guess.

Welcome to my apartment. Sorry for the mess, blue jays haven’t picked up their peanuts yet.

That’s enough for day 1.  Next comes the hard room.  My bedroom.  Especially cleaning under the bed.  My bedroom is rather small.  And very full.  Not exactly a lot of space to move around.  But I have to get it done this month.  Before spider season.  Sigh.

Well, I hope you all enjoy the next few days and I hope there is no snow in your forecast. So, good bye for now and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod

49 Comments on “Wednesday Wanderings…Spring Cleaning

  1. Nice to see you were able to find a pair of slippers finally. Must save on the wet socks? Eh? (Sorry couldn’t resist!) Anyway, I was afraid they didn’t make slippers big enough for those snowshoes of yours! BTW, why do you where snowshoes? 😉 Must be quite large those snowshoes? Oh well. One can only wonder. Oh, watch out for those spiders… I heard someone actually disappeared when cleaning! They think they were eaten by one of those large Monster Spiders. What a way to go…. Yikes! (Did you write up your will?) Just checking…

    Liked by 2 people

    • That’s a good point, should get that will updated. I know I put it somewhere. With all this snow, what other kind of shoes would I wear? Have a great evening RJ.


      • How about that, learn something new every day!😀. Of course I know what country I’m in, give me a couple minutes and I’ll even remember the name of it. Can’t wait to tell people about that new word. Is that really true or did you make it up to make me look like an idiot?


      • What did I say about the slipper again? BTW, you dont need me for that….
        No, it doesn’t mean you’re Canadian.. Although Canadians are the only ones who say though…..

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s quite interesting that it is always said that Canadians use eh, and yet in my whole life I have only met one person who used eh. Might be something more from eastern Canada. That’s why I like to joke about it!😅


      • BTW, I was just teasing about the Slippers. 😉
        I am sure you have very nice feet! Just wear your slippers on a wet floor though! You might catch Cold.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I am so ready for spring. This blizzard we are having here in Colorado is crazy. Those spiders are scary big! What are they? We have wolf spiders here that can get pretty big, but they usually don’t make it into the house. We have TruGreen fertilize our lawn and spray for bugs and that helps. I also spray Ortho Home Defense around the perimeter and garage and that keeps them away. I have seen ones that looked as big as tarantulas in the garage in the fall time. Sends shivers down your spine.😄 I would spray those big Canadian suckers. If any spiders ever get in our house, I use our Dyson vacuum to pull those suckers into what equates to tornado force winds to a spider. Gets ’em every time!😂 God bless brother!

    Liked by 3 people

    • We have the wolf spiders too, but they are not as big. These are a variety of dark fishing spiders, which we generally call dock spiders which can also get big. This variety doesn’t go near water, it’s a bush spider. Only the females get this big though, the male is much smaller and black. Apparently it’s the largest spider we have in Canada. Never even knew about them until I moved into this apartment. We don’t have that Ortho Home Defense, I have tried a couple different spider sprays, don’t seem to work very well. I get quite a reaction to some spider bites so really don’t want to be bitten by one of these critters! God bless!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I never thought I was afraid of spiders until I was in a restroom one day and I looked down and saw a shadow in front of me underneath a cupboard. Suddenly the shadow moved and disappeared–quick as lightning!

    I was walking on water getting out of there. Oh my goodness. And yes, it was a spider I had never seen before.

    Liked by 2 people

    • It’s amazing how many different kinds of spiders there are, and several big varieties. Had another big one in here that I still haven’t identified. Really don’t like looking at pics of spiders.😵 I can also get quite a reaction to spider bites so I really don’t want to get bitten by one of these!😲

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh boy! Most definitely not. Stay safe!

        At one place I lived at I tried all kinds of things, including spraying a water peppermint oil mixture. I don’t think it did much but it may be worth a shot.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Thanks for the tip, I will try that peppermint one. Don’t know about shooting them though, neighbors probably wouldn’t like that!😂. They don’t even like me feeding birds!😛

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Well, step one down with only a small bump on the noggin and no spiders! A very good start. My Minnie likes to climb on my back and just plop down like I have no where to go or nothing to do.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. When I see all this snow, I stop complaining about the little rain we have 🙂 Hope Spring will be there very soon and good luck with all the cleaning! I should do some myself
    Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I looked up the peppermint spray recipe. Looks like you can do different things, like add water to dish soap and/or vinegar and clean with it. I think you can add as many drops of peppermint oil as you want; one recipe said 20. I think when I did it I dumped the whole small bottle in and just used water haha!

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