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Wednesday Wanderings…Spring Cleaning

Hello everyone on this very beautiful early spring day!  I’m not saying that spring is early.  Just that it’s early in the spring.  Actually I’m not so sure that spring has really arrived just yet, but it is very nice, the snow is melting…

Dreams and Other Things.

Good morning everyone on this rather nice February day and welcome to Steve’s Country once again!  Well, considering the terrible cold we have had it really wasn’t so bad today.  Barely froze my fingers out there taking pics today.  Yes, I do that most…

Wednesday Wanderings…My Backyard.

Good evening everyone!  Or good morning to some of my readers.  Hmm, probably late night for others.  Sigh.  Actually I usually like to say ‘good morning’ all the time.  No matter what time of day it is.  Because somewhere it is morning.  And I…

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