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Spring Cleaning With Muffin.

Hello everyone!  I sure hope you are enjoying your Saturday.  As you may remember I have started my spring cleaning, somewhat early this year since I’m not supposed to do too much yet.  So my physiotherapist said to mark my apartment into sections and…

Humorous Happenings.

Hello everyone!  Today I thought I would share some humorous things that have happened to me.  It’s always nice to laugh a bit, and I always laugh at these things myself.  It’s always good to look at the comical side of things.  So, here…

Remembering Christmas.

Good evening and Merry Christmas to all my favorite readers!  And that means all of you!  Muffin and I had a great day, she was extra playful today which was nice.  She got some new toys for Christmas which she absolutely loved chasing all…

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