End Of Another Week. Thankfully.

A big hello to all of you on this, well, cool, Friday!  And I mean cool, as in cold, cool.  Sigh. Well, we didn’t get too much snow anyway.  That was nice.  But now there is nothing but ice everywhere because it turned cold again after our nice days of melting weather.  And I had another flying lesson.  But this time it was due to ice, not my deck.  And even though I spent the rest of the day with extra back pain, I could still think of what it must look like.  Arms and legs flapping away in the air.  The look of terror on my face.

Here is Sir George, my friendly herring gull. I mention him below.

  My eyes popping out as I connect with the ground.  I mean, it must look terribly funny.  And as I think about that, it just gets me laughing out loud.  And when I get laughing, it’s hard to stop!  Of course, that does tend to make the pain worse.  But then I think about it more. And I laugh more.  But hey, laughing is a lot more fun than crying!

My readers…

Are a great bunch!  I was talking with one of my readers this morning and she was telling me how much she enjoyed my animal photos.  What a great way to start the day! And I will admit, up to that point, my day was not going so well.  And it wasn’t even 8 am yet.  Happens sometimes.  But that made my day anyway!  Thank you so much!

A male (right) and female evening grosbeak. Usually here in winter, though I didn’t see any this year, and always here in the summer.

  And thank you to all of you that have followed my blog, with some new people joining in this week again!  I know my blog is a bit different than most, I kind of jump around a lot with what I talk about.  Sometimes in the same post.  And my grammar is terrible.  My sentences are weird.  And short.  Sometimes.  And can be very long sometimes.  I managed to do a thousand words in just 3 sentences once.  Don’t worry.  I probably won’t do that again.  Just wanted to see if I could.

One photo…

I’m showing today is something I have had a hard time getting.  It’s an immature male pine grosbeak that is just starting to get his red color and so still has the juvenile look. Not an easy pic to get.  At least for me.  I’m sure someone with more experience could get a pic easier.  But this is me we’re talking about.

Here it is, the immature pine grosbeak changing its color. Usually they head back north before this color change begins.  So I am excited to get it!


Some photos from last spring.  I just needed to think more of spring.  Especially since it doesn’t look much like spring out there.  It has been a long winter.  Very long.  I’m looking forward to my chipmunks coming back.  I hope they will be coming back.  Some of them should for sure.  But Skamper is getting old.  For a chipmunk.  He’s my friendliest chipmunk and enjoys digging in my pockets for his peanuts.  Chester will do that too sometimes.

Simple country pleasures…

That’s what chipmunks are for me.  So are the many birds that come around.  The chickadees that sit on my hand.  The pine siskins that like to sit on my head.  One did that again today.  Just sitting on my deck on a warm sunny spring afternoon.  The sight of that fresh green leafy buds coming out on the trees, sparkling in the sunlight like little emeralds.  Rusty, another chipmunk, sitting on my leg picking up his peanuts from the cup I keep them in.  And, of course, there is Sir George when he comes back in the spring. His brilliant white plumage absolutely glows in the sun.  Listening to the first robin of the spring singing joyfully from the ash trees.

This is Baxter, my friendliest blue jay, posing so nicely for me.

  Also the first junco returning in the spring, signalling that the warm weather is here to stay.  Usually.  Watching as the bald eagles come soaring in on their day in March.  Should be soon.  We do have them around all winter, but only a few.  Usually on one day they come back by the dozens.  A sunny day with a good south wind.  A beautiful sight.  Just a few of my favorite spring country pleasures.

Hot pots…

I learned something today.  After boiling my veggies and transferring them to my plate, I put the pot back on the stove.  Well, that was the idea.  I picked it up by the handle, good so far, then grabbed the pot with my other hand.  Why?  Who knows?  It’s me we’re talking about.  I don’t really need a reason to do something stupid.  Comes naturally.  Anyway, it was rather hot.  Naturally.  So I dropped it.  Naturally.  And it splattered hot water all over the place.  Including on me.  So I started jumping around.  Naturally.  If you have read Muffin’s Mewsings you might recall she refers to this jumping as my happy dance.  Well, there is really nothing happy about it.  Honest.  Now, there is a lot of floor space for the pot to land on.  Okay, there is some floor space for it to land on.  Does it?  No.  Lands on my toe.  Sigh.  Sore hand, sore toe.  At least I didn’t hit my head.  That’s something.  I think.  Sometimes.  But not too often.  Gives me a headache.

Guess I better stop.  Weekend is coming, half over for some of you, but whatever you have left I hope you enjoy it!  Thanks for reading and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod

35 Comments on “End Of Another Week. Thankfully.

  1. I always love to see what you’re up to! I’m sorry, but I just had to laugh at the way you described your fall! I hope your back feels better. You need to learn to stay on your feet! 😀

    Liked by 3 people

    • No need to apologize for that! That’s why I wrote it like that, it was funny to me as well and I had a good laugh even though it hurt! Sometimes I wonder if I should go back to crawling. And thanks, I hope it gets back to sort of normal soon. With me, it’s never normal!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Hi Steve! I love the animal pics, especially the chipmunk and the blue jay, I love springtime 🙂 I hope soon we can enjoy the weather and not boil yourself again to keep warm 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love your blog with a breath of fresh air and ut is always so nice text to read. I take a good cup of coffee, smile and go on a journey in my head when I read your words. The birds are incredibly beautiful and different than those who are home in Norway – beautiful and energy of nature. Thank you🦋
    I wish you a nice weekend.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. I read something today about cats which came up in a piece I was reading.I don’t know them that much though we had one in my Grandma’s house. Q: what happens when you rake their furs backwards? I read that you might regret it?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Super cute, those pictures could made every single person day❤️


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