Monday With Steve.

Good afternoon readers near and far!  And welcome to a slightly different view of Steve’s Country today.  A good friend of mine helped me out by suggesting this idea which I will be starting today.  I will be posting a bit more often but my added posts will be shorter than what I normally write.  And in these new posts I will take you on a bit of a tour of different topics, starting today with a general look at my many collections, then perhaps in some of the following posts I will give a closer look at some of my favorite items.IMG_2142

Normally this won’t happen on Monday but I wanted to start with this general look at things today anyway.  That first picture above shows some of my blue and white graniteware collection.  Seems this stuff is not as popular as it once was, but hey, I love blue!  So it fits with me just fine.IMG_2140

Here is another part of my graniteware collection above.  It really is beautiful stuff.  But, I am considering getting rid of it anyway.  It is getting a bit crowded in here and something has to go.  But it might be something else instead.  Who knows?  Not even me!IMG_2153

Here in the above photo is what remains of my old medicine collection.  I have actually sold most of that already.  The nice thing about these medicine items is they are small, so they don’t take up much space.  There are items in there dating from the early 1900’s up to the early 1960’s.  I always found old medicine bottles and tins to be very interesting.  Reading some of the fantastic claims on them is quite comical.  And many of them still have their original contents which adds to their interest as well as the value.IMG_2144

The pic above shows some of my antique blue and white dishes.  You can probably guess why I like those!  The oldest items on that shelf date to the 1840’s, the ‘newest’ from about the 1930’s.  The picture below shows some more of my blue and white dishes, mostly from the late 1800’s.  There are more such dished scattered around in different places. I will showcase some individual items in a another post.IMG_2146

In the pictures below is part of my collection of old board games.  They do take up a bit of space to display them and I don’t have all of them out because of that.  But they are so nice and colorful and the variety makes them a very interesting collection for me.IMG_2157IMG_2158

Well everyone, guess we should call it a day.  And that is certainly not everything I have, but it’s a good start for this tour of Steve’s place.  There will be some more coming up and some close ups of some favorite items which I hope you will enjoy as well.  My regular posts will be the same as usual.  I hope you have enjoyed today and I will see you again tomorrow.  Enjoy the rest of your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.


75 Comments on “Monday With Steve.

  1. I like your collection, i i like the antique blue and white dishes, do you ever use them?🤗

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    • Thanks Ilona! Those dishes are nice, took me a while to find them all. Yes, I do use them quite regularly, I enjoy using my antiques as much as possible. Unfortunately I have broken some of them! I’m worse than Muffin, she has never broken any of my antiques!

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      • I would be scared to break any of those, we have few old japanese vases at home, but i can’t use them, i’m afraid😀

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      • I know what you mean! I do try to be extra careful, but…there are some I won’t use because they are too old and in such excellent condition, I want to leave them that way!😁

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      • They all look very interesting and unique, is good to see, that people still collecting those🙏

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      • There isn’t many people around here that collect these kinds of antiques anymore, they seem to be more interested in more recent items to collect and they are great items too, but it does make it hard to try and sell some of these items.🤔☹

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      • Well, i think you need to try to sell it online, people who likes it, they probably looking for it, i was looking 4month for picture of New York, until i finally found what i was looking for🤗

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      • Yes, I have been thinking of that possibility. I have talked to others who do sell online, there are some risks to doing it though. But still, I might try it anyway. I really need to sell some of it.😁🤔

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      • But when I’m buying statues online, the biggest problem is shipping😵so who have to pay shipping at the end? Seller or buyer? And i got few broken statues, okay lets blame post men, but so do i send it back to the seller broken one or what do i do? I hope you understand what i mean..

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      • I know, that’s the problem with online selling. If it arrives broken, then what? It can be insured, but that’s expensive and hard to collect. Buyer always pays shipping unless the seller wants to include it in the price, and shipping can be expensive, depending on where it’s going.😲 And then packing it to make sure it can handle the roughest handling possible, that can be hard. I have bought things that were well packed, yet arrived broken and the seller refused refund, so I’m stuck. Selling through Ebay and using PayPal does make it easier, but then there are fees to pay. Sigh.🤔🙂


  2. You definitely have an eye for beauty Steve. Very nice collections. I never saw a blue graniteware collander before.

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  3. The truth that you have very good taste to choose your collection. Ancient objects always require an expert eye to know their value. Good the photos.

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  4. Hello Steve, hope you’re having a warm day 🙂 This is a great collection, I love the color blue so much and it’s really valuable antique!
    The graniteware collection is so original!
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  5. What a great collection Muffin and Steve. Each collection tells a story. The blue plates are beautiful, along with the other blue set . Great book collection.

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  6. I love the collections! So neat. Have you played any of the board games?

    We have a of faeries and mermaids in our house. They’re staying to pop up everywhere…

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    • Yes, this place is small so I have had to become innovative and use every square inch of space! Some things get displayed in summer and some in winter, makes it a little easier. Thanks so much for reading! Enjoy your day!


  7. Love the collections, Steve! I find the old medicine bottles and tins to be particularly fascinating as well. My husband is often finding old items in homes he has worked in and brought them home with him. It’s a piece of history in your hands. Pretty neat!

    Those blue & white dishes are beautiful. We have a few of those saved in the family here too. The graniteware is a classic and a timeless beauty, in my humble opinion. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your life with us ♥

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  8. Wow, this was a pleasure to read!

    1. Your graniteware collection is absolutely timeless. Granite is one of my favorite rocks.

    2. Your medicine collection is fascinating. Double fascinating for me since I’m a biology person.

    3. Your porcelain items are awesome. I like to call them ‘hybrid’ since the base material, porcelain, is native to China and the blue ‘ink’ is a derivative of Persian Cobalt. This type of ware originated during the Ming Dynasty in China (late 1300s-mid 1600s) when trading between the Chinese and Persian civilizations was in full swing.

    4. And your board games are super cool! They’re my favorite past-time.

    Thank you for a sneak peak into your shelves!

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