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Canada’s Splendor.

Welcome everyone to something a little different here on Steve’s Country today.  I was chosen by Lillian at https://orkidedatter.wordpress.com to participate in the Traveling Blog Journal.  This idea was begun by Nova over at https://mynamaste365online.blog and all of the destinations can be found over…

Back At Steve’s Place!

Welcome back everyone to the continuing tour of my place!  I wanted to have this out much sooner today but for some reason it was just one thing after another today and, I’m late.  Well, later than I wanted to be anyway.  But, the…

Monday With Steve.

Good afternoon readers near and far!  And welcome to a slightly different view of Steve’s Country today.  A good friend of mine helped me out by suggesting this idea which I will be starting today.  I will be posting a bit more often but…

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