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Thrilling Thursday. I Think.

Hello everyone on this beautiful sunny Thursday!  I was planning to get my post out nice and early today.  Didn’t happen.  As you can tell.  When I turned on my laptop this morning at 5:30am there was no internet connection.  Okay.  There have been…

Coffee By The Lake.

Hello everyone on this beautiful morning!  No matter where you live or what the weather is like, come and join me for a little stroll down to a nice small park that is close to where I live.  This park is located right on…

Wednesday Wanderings…Around Town.

Good morning everyone on this beautiful Wednesday evening which is also the first Wednesday of March which is the month of spring!  Sort of.  Like all the seasons, around here they don’t come and go with the calendar.  They just come and go…whenever.  The…

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