Touring My Town, #6.

Hello once again everyone!  Are you enjoying this beautiful Sunday?  Muffin was enjoying her patch of sunshine, but then the clouds moved in so she decided to join me again.  I was enjoying some time outside too, and should have stayed out there a little longer while the sun was still around.  It is so nice out there and on the deck in the sun I didn’t even need to wear a jacket.  Of course I was only out there about 15 minutes, the temp was 37F (3C) and no wind.  It really did feel like spring out there.

The Kenricia Hotel, built around 1910, unfortunately falling apart now.

Today I thought I would show you some of our older buildings.  Actually, I guess I have showed some already, so I won’t bother showing those again.  I like the older buildings, back to the late 1800s and early 1900s.  They have so much more character to them even if they are just simply built.  But they didn’t have our modern technology and yet managed to build these places to last more than a hundred years.  That’s not so bad.  As mentioned in my first post on this series, this is not a really old town.  Though there was a small community here prior to 1880, it wasn’t until the Canadian Pacific Railway came through here in 1882 that the town really started to grow.kenora2

Above is our train station, built in 1899, this pic from early 1900s.IMG_0290

And here it is today, we no longer have passenger rail service so the building is mostly office space and storage.kenora early 1900s 2

Above is main street around 1900, followed by main street in the 1940s and then main street today, just for a look at the changes along the way.Kenora 1940s


This last pic is from early morning before there is much traffic around.IMG_0092

Another nice building from 1897 built from solid granite stone from a local quarry.  There are more old buildings, including some nice old houses that perhaps I will show in the future.  I hope you are enjoying this little tour of my town and there is more I want to share with you next time.  Until then, I hope you have a wonderful week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (Don’t forget, chapter 18 of 20/20 Investigations, Inc. comes out tomorrow)

© 2020 Steve McLeod.


36 Comments on “Touring My Town, #6.

  1. I’m always fascinated with past and present photos of towns…mostly past towns that are now cities.

    If you hit the back highways to towns out west where few people live because of the heat, red dirt and lack of rain, you would think you have stepped back in time.

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  2. You have a wonderful historic hometown! Love to see the past and present merge together. Ours was founded with a railway also. We do have a train that comes through with freight, but not for transportation anymore. That is so sad.😞

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    • Thanks Renee! Yes, I wish the CPR still had passenger service, but only the CNR does that now and that train doesn’t come anywhere near us. I have never been on a train before amazingly but I think it would be a fun thing to do.😃😺🚂🚝🚃


  3. Love the old buildings ! It is really sad that there is no rail service like the old days…another transportation not used anymore are the Streetcars…it was a lot of fun riding on them !🙁😪

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  4. You have a nice hometown, Steve! I haven’t been to my hometown (Orlando, FL) in years but it’s nothing like it used to be when I lived there. Where we live now, in North GA, is growing much to fast, A sign of the times, I guess.

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    • It was the main hotel in town at one time. Unfortunately it is now falling apart which is a real shame. But it’s a heritage building and that means it can only be fixed up a certain way which is too expensive for the present owner. And no one wants to buy it because of the heritage designation. So sad really, it could be a beautiful place again. The outside still isn’t too bad. Thanks for taking a look Michelle!😃😺☕☕

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