Daily Pics 2020, #61.


Good morning everyone and Happy Sunday to all of you!  It is a nice mild morning here and should get into some melting weather today which is so nice indeed!  But we are supposed to get a little snow with that too, though not much, I hope.  But now that March is here it is starting to feel like winter is getting close to leaving us, even though last year it stayed around until the end of April.  And the long range forecast is for a colder than normal spring.  But I’m not listening to the forecast, Muffin said it’s going to be an early spring and that’s good enough for me.  Thinking spring reminds me of bright flowers and birds returning from the south.

So let’s have a mix of both today…


Not sure what this flower from Italy is called, but this little insect is enjoying it anyway.IMG_0415

A bit more late spring and everyone’s favorite flower to hate, a dandelion gone to seed, which really is beautiful in it’s own right.IMG_3761

One of our earliest birds to return in the spring is the mallard duck, this one is the male.IMG_3762

And this is the female mallard.  Spring is a beautiful time of year, but we must wait a while yet before it arrives and stays with us.  But it’s nice to dream about it and anticipate it’s wonders.  I hope you have a most wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

22 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020, #61.

  1. The male mallard duck is so HANDSOME!!! A happy Sunday to you too steve!!

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  2. HAPPY MARCH!!!!!!!! Spring is here to stay for sure now! 🙂
    Those mallard ducks are too cute! A few days ago, I saw both the male and female on our pond! It was so nice!

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  3. Hi Steve, Good morning 😉 It supposed to be Good Evening to you 🤗 Love the mallard ducks🥰 Hope you enjoyed the beautiful Sunday ✨ It’s my special day😉 I should write a post about it 😋 I will post my celebration 😸🤸 It’s my born day 😉 Enjoy the peaceful evening ✨

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  4. Spring is on the way…how do I know ? Because our neighbour let their cat outside …she stays out for a long time since it is warmer…the pics are so pretty ! Oh ! Happy birthday Simon !…☕️☕️🍰🍰

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