Spring Cleaning With Muffin.

Hello everyone!  I sure hope you are enjoying your Saturday.  As you may remember I have started my spring cleaning, somewhat early this year since I’m not supposed to do too much yet.  So my physiotherapist said to mark my apartment into sections and do one section only each day.  Okay, fine, I can do that.  It’s a very slow way to do things, but I must admit the idea is working rather well.  I finally got my bedroom finished yesterday.  That may not seem like much, but, if you could see my bedroom…sigh.  It’s rather small and very full of stuff.  Therefore there is not much room to move around for cleaning.  A real good cleaning where furniture must be moved to clean under and behind things.

Today I’m sharing 4 pics of male pine grosbeaks.

I decide to try and do this while Muffin is sleeping in the living room.  Much easier sometimes even though she does love to help.  I quietly start to move a cabinet and get it out enough so I can clean behind it.  I look and Muffin’s looking back at me.  How did she get there so fast?  Her feet are covered with dust, naturally, then she sits and swishes her tail.  Not her tail is covered with dust.  I try to clean the dust off her tail.  It’s rather dry in here right now too, so petting her too much causes a lot of frizziness which she doesn’t like too much.  That’s what happened to her tail.  She disapproved of that and told me so.  I have the scratch to prove it.  But I did get the dust off her tail.IMG_1198

I can’t move my dresser unfortunately so I’m laying flat on the floor on my stomach so I can reach all the way to the back to clean.  That’s not easy for me to do at the best of times, right now it’s just plain stupid.  But I did it anyway.  Muffin came to see what I was up to now.  She wanted to see so she laid down right in front of me.  Now I can’t see.  I tell her that.  She looks at me and leaves, sort of.  She went and sat on my back.  That really didn’t help much for getting up afterward.  But I managed.  Without hurting myself even.  The next day came the bed.  I can’t move the bed since there is nowhere to put it, so I have to reach underneath.IMG_1212 

I get the vacuum cleaner, turn it on, laid down on my stomach again to reach and…I couldn’t reach all the way.  Why do they make hoses so short?  I pull a bit harder to stretch it.  The vacuum fell over and the handle landed right on my spine.  I will admit that hurt a bit.  But I left it since I could now reach.  Though I did have to go under the bed a bit to do it.  Got it all done.  Now, however, I’m kind of stuck.  Can’t even turn the vacuum off.  Sigh.  It took a bit of maneuvering, but I finally got out of there.  That was it for the day however.  Where does all this dust come from anyway?  It’s a good place for spiders to hide and I already have too many of those big spiders around here.  Muffin didn’t come to help with that one, she doesn’t like the vacuum.IMG_8703

Then of course after cleaning under the dresser I had forgotten that I had moved that other cabinet so as I turned around before standing up, I whacked my head.  I groaned a bit and stood up forgetting about the full dustpan on the floor and I stepped on the handle scattering the contents all over the floor I just cleaned.  I should never have left it there in the first place, I know.  But it was a little hard getting out of that part of the bedroom right then.  Sigh.  See what I mean?  My dad was accident prone and I am too.  I’m sure I just heard Muffin laughing.  Oh well, at least it’s not dull around here.  Enjoy your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

63 Comments on “Spring Cleaning With Muffin.

    • Only technically, though normally it would be March which is the first month of spring. But I missed fall cleaning due to my injury so I needed to get this done before the spiders wake up and start nesting in the dust.
      But in reality, the post was about comedy, not cleaning. Hmm, guess I didn’t do it right. Sigh.

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      • Sorry. I lack of sense of humor these days. I don’t think I will be ready by March to start spring cleaning. Cleaning kinda got put on the back-burner. It’s nice to know that Muffin is helping you out. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      • Muffin always enjoys cleaning time, it means she can get at places that normally she can’t see. Kind of exploring for her I guess.
        That’s okay, you have a lot to deal with. How’s the school year so far?

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    • Hey, good memory Renee! I had even forgot about that one! Muffin tries. Or likes exploring anyway! Enjoy your evening! Oh my, I am so behind at visiting your site. Sorry.😕😁😸

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have selective memory at times lol. I totally understand being behind on here. It will take me a while to get caught up with yours, as well. I can’t wait to get caught up on the 20/20 investigations! Hopefully soon…sorry haven’t made it to the coffee time either. I pray I can this week. 😸😎

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  1. What was funny is when Muffin blocked your view and then climbed onto your back ! …any spider no matter what the size gives me chills ! Rest well Steve and Muffin !😯😲😸🌹

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  2. Ha ha that was so crazy, you started your cleaning work for spring again 😉 and having enough fun with Muffin isn’t it 😁 I read it 😂😂😂 Don’t injure yourself, as you have just recovered.. please take care…🤗

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  3. THE ONE THING I HATE is SPIDERS!!! Muffin doesn’t like the vacuum!!! Hahahaha!!! Poor you steve!!! I kinda enjoy cleaning when it doesn’t include any insects!

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