Nature’s Art #25.

Hi everyone!  I hope you are having a good Saturday so far.  It’s definitely nicer here today and maybe we’ll even see some melting snow as well.  Nothing wrong with that for sure.  The birds are busy once again, though these days it’s only real busy first thing in the morning, then it drops off a bit during the day as the temp warms up.  And I think our goldfinches must be spreading out to other places.  There isn’t as many around now.  Still a lot of purple finches and the pine siskins have started coming around now.  Kind of odd since I haven’t seen them all winter, so maybe they are moving in from the south now.  Hard to tell with those little birds, perhaps they have been at another feeder, but why change now?  Oh well, it’s nice to see them again anyway.

And now for some nice art in nature pics to enjoy…


And here we have another snowflake pic of one that landed on my deck a couple days ago.  Actually, there was quite a few, but it’s not easy getting a good picture.IMG_2518

This snowflake was a bit larger but seems like something happened to a couple points.IMG_2525

And here is a third one to complete our look at snowflakes.  They are so amazingly beautiful that I just had to show them today.  I hope you enjoyed them, have a happy Saturday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

17 Comments on “Nature’s Art #25.

  1. I know you put out a pic of a snowflake sometime last week, but it wasn’t till now that I realized what snowflakes actually look like.
    The above pics is what you see in very professional photos, movies, etc. but I always thought it was how kids were taught and told what snowflakes look like. I’ve only lived to see 2 snow encounters and it was just white stuff, but nothing like those “imaginary” snowflakes or what our “dream” of a perfect snowflake is. So, if snowflakes really do look like what you took in the pic, I am shocked and that’s amazing!

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