It’s Friday On Thursday!

Welcome all and now you’re wondering what’s going on, right?  I mean, I don’t post until Friday.  Well, in actual fact, it is Friday for a number of my readers.  And Thursday for a number of my readers.  Even me.  That is, it’s still Thursday here, but Friday for a good many who will soon be reading tomorrow’s post today which for you is yesterday therefore making today tomorrow and yesterday all at the same time.  I know.  I’m mixed up.  Or something.  Which is why sometimes I…

So, I thought we would continue with our little tour of Steve’s place.  Maybe you’re tired of that already.  Someone asked, how do you fit all that stuff in a small apartment?  It isn’t easy.  And even after today, that still won’t be close to half the stuff I have in my collection.IMG_2281

Better get started.  Before I’m finished.  Today is some items often referred to as primitives.  Still, they weren’t at the time.  First, in the picture above, is a copper pot on the right which dates to the late 1700’s-early 1800’s.  It is one heavy pot, with a handle that is 13 inches long (32.5cm).  The kettle on the left dates to the early half of the 1800’s, also copper.IMG_2277

In the picture above, on the left a nice jar with cobalt blue decoration (did I mention I like blue?) from the late 1800’s. The soya sauce pot in the middle is from the 1860’s, and the jug on the right is one of my oldest items from around 1800 and contained olive oil. It’s about 2L in size.IMG_2275

Above we have 3 more stoneware items, often called redware which is not quite the same as stoneware, but I put them all in the same category anyway. The jar on the left is from the mid 1800’s, the teapot on the right is from the 1860’s, the preserve jar in the middle I am unsure of the age, but likely around the same time period.IMG_2272

In the above photo we have a traditional coffee grinder from around 1900, two different sizes of butter molds in the middle from the late 1800’s, a wood scoop on the right from the mid 1800’s and the tin tray at the back from about 1880. I do like old wooden objects. There is just a nice warmth about them that makes them great decorative items.IMG_2270

Next, in the above picture, in the middle is one of my favorite items, a chalkware cat bank from the 1920’s.  It’s missing a bit of paint but still a great item.  I think it is anyway. On each side are nice blue mixing bowls, both from the late 1800’s.  Did I mention that I like blue?IMG_2151

The above picture shows more stoneware. The bottle on the left is ginger ale, the other 3 bottles held mineral water and fruit flavored soda.  There is a pickle jar on the left from the late 1800’s, another sauce bottle of larger size from about 1875 to 1885.  The one on the right is a preserve jar, 1880’s, about 4L in size.  From what I could find out the 4 bottles in front are from the 1880’s as well.  On the top of the shelf are a couple of my antique baskets, the one on the left is an old store basket from the late 1800’s, not sure of the date for the one on the right.IMG_2285

Above we have more of my wood ware collection of varying dates, from 1880’s to the 1920’s.  Well, that’s it for today everyone, I hope you have enjoyed our continuing series touring my place.  And there is so much more yet that I could show to you.  Perhaps one day.

I hope you all enjoy your day today/tomorrow/tonight, wherever you happen to be at this time!  Until next week, enjoy your weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (she helps with all the dusting)

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


63 Comments on “It’s Friday On Thursday!

  1. I really like your collection! It reminds me of my grandpa!
    It’s Thursday here! 😉 I know about it being Friday for some readers. One time, I got really confused when I saw that my comment on another blog was posted Monday when I wrote it Sunday night!
    I can imagine Muffin’s tail dusting! That’s helpful! I might want to borrow her for a day!

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  2. Good morning a beautiful Friday. I get good feeling in my heart of your pictures and words. Reminds me of great memories of my grandparents that I often stayed with when I was a little girl🦋Thank you for sharing.
    I hope you and Muffin are doing great and I wish you a lovely day🦋

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  3. I’m really loving your collections! You have some really great stuff. Amazing that it’s still in such great condition all these years later. Nothing is made that strong nowadays.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so very much for your great comment Michelle! True, things are just not made to last anymore, can’t make money if things last too long! It was so different years ago when they were proud to make things to last a long time. Although they probably never dreamed that one day people would collect those things! Have a great day!😃

      Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks for that Ryan! I think the bear decided to go back to his hibernating. It’s cold and windy today with a little over 3 inches of snow. Amazing weather this year! Enjoy your weekend and God bless!😃

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  4. Good afternoon, oho, i had no idea, that you have so huge collection, i like the cat, looks heavy and very beautiful, enjoyed it, seems you have been collecting a while, you can open museum now🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so very much for taking the time to read Ilona! I certainly do appreciate it! I have been collecting for a long time, but my collection was much larger before. When I moved to a smaller place I sold off about 60% of my collection. At one time I did think about a museum! I still have so much that I could share but don’t know if I will keep doing it or not. Who knows?🤔😂 Have a great evening!😃

      Liked by 2 people

      • Will see how it goes, but is nice to see your collection, i like to see what kind of passion other people has, what they do in life, even what kind of problems they have, but is another topic already😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • I got cut off while answering your last comment!😂 Yes, all cats are different in what they like or don’t like.😸 I hope you don’t cut off comments altogether, that would be tough!😃🌞

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  5. This is a great collection Steve! I love the old stuff anyway 🙂 I loved the coffee grinder and the butter molds and I want one of these wood ware collections in case someone made me angry hahaha 😂😂 Great share!

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  6. I love what your doing here Steve. It let’s people get to know the man behind the blog! I enjoy antiques as well. I just dont have any anymore. I had to sell them years ago when I moved back to Louisiana. Totally bummed me out 😦

    Maybe one day I’ll find someone who shares in that love of antiques and we can start a new collection.

    I so wish people took pride in their craftsmanship like they did centuries ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for your comment Stu! I am going to do some more like this, different tours, such as a tour around my town, once the snow is gone! I had to sell my collection one time as well, but slowly got it back again. They just don’t want to make things to last now, I have a dresser from 1880 that is still perfect! New furniture won’t last long like that. Hope you have a great day brother! Glad your new job is going well too!


      • You’re right. Furniture now is basically just glued sawdust 😦
        Thank you for your prayers during this season I am in brother. It is greatly appreciated!


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