Country Pleasures.

Hello everyone on this beautiful Monday morning! I do hope it is a nice day where you live as well.  So nice to see that spring is finally here and looks like it will actually stay this time.  I like spring.  Everything just seems so fresh.  As the snow melts away the birds begin to return bringing with them there many different musical talents.  Some can be very colorful and others look rather dull.  But some of those dull colored birds can really sing beautifully, like the song sparrow in the picture below.  It is definitely one of my favorite spring and summer songs and a true country pleasure.IMG_0847

Almost forgot to mention Sir George, he is in the featured image at the top.  That’s his favorite pole to sit on.  The pole is on a hill so he can see quite far.  But mostly he just wants to see when I come out with the food. He then flies all around me while I put the food on the feeder for him and he is down at that food so fast.  His mate, Lady Pearl, is usually with him.  And at least 3 others have joined in now, though they have to wait their turn.  This also is a wonderful country pleasure.

3 goldfinches and 2 pine siskins with all five having their heads in the seed slots at the same time. Do you know how hard it was to get that picture?

But perhaps one of the best country pleasures is to have a chipmunk sitting on my knee. A couple of them will even come running to me when they see danger in the area.  They know where to find a safe place.  They have learned to trust me.  My present squirrels are not quite so brave yet.  I had several very friendly squirrels last year, but they were all chased away by a very aggressive young male squirrel.  However, he found a mate and she finally chased him away.  Now there are two different female squirrels and one other male that I call Whitey.  That’s because about a third of his tail is pure white.  Last year that one would sit on my shoulder and eat peanuts.  Another country pleasure.

This little chipmunk is Chester.
This is Mama Chip, she would hang like this for half an hour eating sunflower seeds.

Then there is the country pleasure of getting alone beside a lake, sitting, enjoying all the sights and sounds of summer.  That is a true joy and a great way to relieve stress.  Just sitting still, listening to the waves lapping against the shore, the beautifully eerie call of the loon echoing across the lake.  Song sparrows singing their joyous song from small bushes along the shore.  The melodious chorus of many different warblers sitting in the pine trees behind me.  The gentle ripple of the leaves from the aspens nearby.  Hard to be stressed in a place like that.  But you don’t need to be in the country to enjoy that.  Even city parks can be a great place to enjoy some simple country pleasures.

This isn’t really a lake, just a pond, but a nice spot nonetheless.

Going for an early morning walk, whether in the country, town (like where I live) or city can be a real country pleasure.  Early morning is so ideal.  It’s much more quiet.  The air is often more still.  Watching a nice summer sunrise.  And listening to the chorus of bird songs which can be heard everywhere.  Early morning is even best if jogging is more what you enjoy.  It’s just a more calm part of the day which can help us get a good start to our day, giving us a fresh beginning and more energy to meet the challenges of the day.

The sun shining through the leaves on an early morning last summer.
A male hairy woodpecker gathering sunflower seeds to feed the young still in the nest.

When the weather is warmer I like to take my coffee out on the deck and sit, enjoy all the sights and sounds of spring and summer.  There is always something to enjoy.  From all the birds to little chipmunks to the deer that come by to say hello.  Going up to a large animal like a deer and rubbing around their ears or antlers which they so enjoy, truly a country pleasure.  Then there is little Muffin. She is my indoor country pleasure.  Always willing to look cute and have fun.

Here is Muffin, she is actually sleeping like that, sometimes she will sleep in that position for a couple hours. Strange cat. Kind of like her owner.

Well everyone, I guess I should stop for today and let you go do other things.  Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing these country pleasures with me. I hope you all have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.






63 Comments on “Country Pleasures.

  1. What a wonderful article, great english and very well written. And this is a real story, dear friends. Our everyday story. But if you’ re an urbanist and a city homo sapiens, its difficult to observe nature’s life, since you’ re stuck to a different lifestyle. I don’t blame you, it’s not your fault. Steve, I don’t know you personally, but it doesn’t matter. Have you thought of writing books for kids ? This should be taught in the schools. Nice to meet you Steve. I Like & I Share. Take care.

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  2. I’m not able to answer you comments, crazy, no i havent read this one i read the one with links on it, loving the pictures A male hairy woodpecker gathering sunflower seeds to feed the young still in the nest. this one is my favourite..🤗

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to read! We were supposed to get rain today, but it never happened, nice day though. Have a great evening!


  3. Hello Steve, hope you’re good today 😊 beautiful day and beautiful pictures! The pond is amazing and the sun shining finally! Loved the woodpecker, so beautiful! Muffin sleeps in style hahah

    I left you many comments to check the award but seems they went to spam

    Have a great day 😊

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  4. Country pleasures, ahhh…what is better than the simplistic beauty of enjoying the sounds of nature? I can hear the birds now. Isn’t it the most soothing thing to have the perfect temperature, light breeze and just sit to hear their songs? Wow. Some of my best memories were enjoying that very thing.

    I adore the photo of Muffin. She is absolutely adorable! I thoroughly enjoy your posts, Steve. Thanks for another blessing! ♥

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Love your post. Your pictures like magic to me. I love birds, and all animals, cats and even insects. They all beautiful! Pictures are so great too. Thank you. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thank you so much for such a kind comment! I hope you will continue to enjoy my little blog and get a good feeling and perhaps a smile or two. Have a great evening!😃

      Liked by 2 people

  6. Very beautifully written, the pictures are fabulous, Then there is Muffin what can you say, all stretched out In Stardom. Getting that beauty rest…love it✅

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks so much Yonnie for taking the time to read today! I just don’t know how Muffin can sleep like that? Thanks for the nice comment, enjoy your evening!😃

      Liked by 1 person

      • The pleasure is truly mine Steve. Muffin is quite amusing and to see a cat sleep like that is priceless. You are very welcome. There is so much nature around you, it is absolutely beautiful there.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Of all the cats I have had she is the only one to come up with such an amazing variety of ways to sleep, though sometimes she does sleep normally!😂

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  7. I love everything about the country! One of my favorite things to do on a summer night is sit outside on the porch listening to the frogs in the creek below. I always wonder what they’re talking about! 🙂

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    • Yes, listening to the frogs is nice, normally they would already be out here, but it will likely be a couple more weeks yet for the earliest ones. Thanks for reading Michelle!😃

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  8. I love these pictures Steve❤️ I’m photography enthusist as well. But I prefer to shoot people ( Not literally 😂) because with birds and animals it gets a little difficult. You have to be very patient with them, to get that perfect shot which I can see from these lovely photos that you definitely are 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to read and for such a nice comment! I usually find it’s harder to get good photos of people, they don’t like to cooperate with me!😂 Have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Pleasure is all mine😊
        Well, even I face lot of rejections when I ask people’s permission before taking their pictures. Not everyone is a sweetheart. Some people are really rude and blunt. 😁 In that sense, I have to agree clicking birds and animals is much easier. Atleast they won’t sue you for taking their pictures without permission. Hahaha😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • That’s so true! And people around here just seem to get upset quite quickly if they see me try to get a picture with them in it, even if they are not really the subject.😁😲


  9. I love all the pictures, great job Steve, my most favorite one is Muffin!! She seems so content while she is sleeping in that funny position, Hahaha she’s adorable.


    • Thanks so much for your kind comment! Muffin does have some amazing sleep positions sometimes, I’m amazed that she finds that one comfortable. Have a great evening!😃😺

      Liked by 1 person

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