It’s Monday And We Are Flying!

Hello everyone on another Monday morning.  Please pull up a chair, grab a coffee and let’s chat a while while sitting on my deck enjoying the beauty of nature.  But before I get started on other things, I would like to shout a big THANK YOU to all my amazing readers out there!  On Saturday Steve’s Country hit 300 followers.  Wow, that’s fantastic!  Doesn’t seem like that long ago when we passed 200.  And at this moment we are at 310 followers.  You are all a fantastic group of people!  Both Muffin and I count it a privilege to have you a part of our little home here at Steve’s Country.  Still a ways to go to reach my next goal of 500 but we are well on the way.  I hope you will continue to enjoy your time here.

Muffin with her favorite toy, a pink camouflage ping pong ball.

It’s sometimes amazing how much wildlife visits my little patch of this world.  Living in the country one would expect a large variety of animals.  But this is town living.  I realize it is a small town with only 15,000 people, but it’s still town, not country.  Yet it feels very much like country living.  I thoroughly enjoy country living.

A chipping sparrow, the smallest and last of our sparrows to return in the spring. They finally arrived on Friday, nearly 2 weeks late this year.

But I can be happy no matter where I am.  After all, happiness is not a place.  That kind of happiness disappears quickly.  Now I would love to live in a warm place.  Big news, right?  But this is where I live and I can be happy right here, even though it’s cold 8 months of the year.  We get about 3 weeks where it might be considered hot.  And hot I like.  But still, I’m happy.  Because the happiness is in me.  We can choose to be happy, or choose to be grumpy.  Personally, I prefer to be happy.  Much more fun.

Most everyone hates Monday.  And because they do, it usually turns out to be a bad day.  So people blame Monday for that.  I have some news.  Monday can’t do anything by itself, either good or bad.  It’s a day on the calendar.  We choose whether the day will be a good day or a bad day.  Why would we choose a bad day?  Why not choose to make it a good day?  We are constantly making choices our entire life.  Every day we make choices.  Usually a lot of choices each day.  Just stop and think about it.  Choose to make Monday a good day.  Choose to be happy. 

Don’t let others ruin your choice.  Don’t let you ruin your choice.  If we make Monday a good day, the rest of the week will be good as well.  Plus the day will be much more profitable for us because we will be feeling good.  And that helps us to make better choices about other things.  Usually if we are in a bad mood, then we won’t make good choices.  Just makes sense.

The Harris’ sparrow, one of our largest and normally the second last to return. Only saw one this year and that was on Friday.

A loon just flew overhead, laughing as he went.  Sir George came down onto the feeder to get his second breakfast.  While picking up his food he likes to talk with me.  He has a very quiet sound he makes and really does look like he is talking.  Quite nice actually.  Then when he is finished, he will stay an extra couple minutes to just talk a bit more.  Then off he goes taking some food back to Lady Pearl who is now sitting on the nest.

This is Sir George after picking up his second breakfast.

A song sparrow is singing beautifully from a nearby shrub.  I love their song.  It just says ‘summer’ to me.  One of those birds I remember as a kid.  I would get up early, open my window and listen to the birds singing.  A real summer joy.  Baxter is in the birch tree calling for a peanut.  He quickly comes down, grabs it and he’s gone again.  His mate is also on the nest now so he takes this peanut back for her.  He will be back to get one for himself soon.

Baxter waiting for his peanut.

Well folks, I guess it’s time to finish our visit for today.  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have and I look forward to our next visit.  Until then, enjoy your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


88 Comments on “It’s Monday And We Are Flying!

  1. Thanks for the chat! Congrats bro. You’re crushing it! We’ve put a bird feed on our back porch. My son loves it. We love it! Let’s go 500! You got this.

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  2. Congratulations Steve, on hitting 300+ followers. I remember when you had less than 100, and it seems like just yesterday.
    So Steve, in regards to loons, I was out with my sister, who really isn’t into nature photography like I am…… A loon should up and guess who got the perfect shot….. She did. I had the wrong lens on…..let it in the car. She didn’t even know what she was looking at if I didn’t tell her. So I’m left still waiting to get a decent shot of a loon.

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    • Thanks Leola! Yes, it wasn’t that long ago when I was still under 100. Too bad about the loon. I’m still waiting to get a good picture of one myself. I’m not close enough to the lake to see them often enough, when I do go down there they are not around, or too far out to get a decent picture. But I’m sure you’ll get one yet. Have a great day!😃📷

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are super welcome!!!! uuuhhhuuuuuu, have a wonderful monday dont forget my caramel macchiato with coconut milk!!!!!! ❤️✊👍fly my friend

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      • Have you danced yet? Shake a bit😂always makes me to feel good🤗😁!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and one more time, smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you know what? dont forget to smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤗❤️👯

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      • Hey, hey! If I start dancing it might scare poor Muffin!!! But I am smiling, a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I won’t forget to keep on smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re great Ilona!!!!!!😄❤😁😸

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      • Hey, hey! I’m back again, are you still around? If so, stop by, say hi, reach up and touch the sky!! And thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😃🌞💛😺

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  3. I am do happy on your behalf Steve🦋my coffe taste absolutely very good to this post. I think I fell in love with the last picture. What a beautiful bird…
    Enjoy your day.

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    • Thank you Lillian for your nice comment! It is so nice to have you a part of Steve’s Country, thank you for joining Muffin and I here today!😃😺 Yes, those blue jays are beautiful birds and can get quite friendly too. Plus they are good at protecting the smaller birds by chasing away predators.😁🌞

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      • Do you wear gloves or bare hands for all that squishing? With those green worms your fingers would probably be green for months after!🐛😂


      • I may not have the greenest thumb…but yes, worm blood is green alright! 🤢 Good thing it washes clean—blood stains that is.
        Lady Pearl and Sir George…commander in chief. Quite a stately bird. She must also be something to behold. All the different birds—so beautiful!

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      • Lady Pearl is just a twin really except she is a bit smaller than Sir George. The name just seemed to fit since he is the largest of the gulls that come here and the rest get out of his way when he comes in! They are big birds though. I thought that green blood would be hard to wash off, good thing it isn’t. Sorry for the slow response, I was eating.😄😀

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      • Never a worry about response time. No stress. And I know you like to eat and Muffin does too!

        Thanks for Monday choice reminder. So true—it’s up to us! I hope I never lose my God given free will…

        And now, dear friend-Steve-keeper of critters-I’m choosing to check out for a few days—my tired old eyes need a rest. But I’ve posted something to remind you of me…just in case…
        Be well. See you soon. God bless Steve’s Country 🙂

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    • They are definitely one of the most beautiful birds we have up this way. We have some amazingly colored warblers in summer, but they are so small it’s hard to see them much. Thanks for reading and being a part of Steve’s Country Peregrine!😃😺

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    • Thanks Tiffany! And thanks for being a part of Steve’s Country, it’s always nice having you around here. Baxter was much happier after getting his peanuts!😂😁

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      • ☺️ Aww thanks! Baxter is a beautiful bird. I’m glad he was able to enjoy his snack.
        Honestly your post and pictures creates a serene outdoor feel. I admire the fact that you have a great view. That looks totally relaxing

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      • Thanks Tiffany! Having that vacant and treed lot out back helps give this place a sort of country feel and also helps with bringing more wildlife around. And it is very relaxing sitting out there enjoying the birds singing and the squirrels and chipmunks running around. Thanks for the great comment, enjoy your day!😃🌞

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  4. WOW! Incredible job! You’re really racking up those followers!
    Ok…. I have a question…. how on earth do you come up with such awesome/luring blog posts titles?

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  5. Well it’s Tuesday now but glad you had great Monday and congratulations for the 300 followers 👍😊 I’m sure you’ll reach the 500 very soon! 👏
    Happiness comes from within, you’re right and Monday is a poor day like any other day 😊
    Beautiful pictures especially sir Georges and Baxter 😊
    Hope you’ll have a great sunny day today as well 🌞🌞

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good morning Huguette! Thanks for stopping by and for being a part of Steve’s Country, it is always so nice to have you visiting with us here! For me I decided one time that every day will be the same, a good day. Then, even if something bad happens I am able to handle ti much better. Thanks for the great comment Huguette! It’s cloudy now but is supposed to clear this morning. Nice mild weather now, up to 20C yesterday and it stayed at 12 overnight, our mildest night so far so things are definitely getting better. Guess I should get the food out for the birds, Have a wonderful day Huguette!😃🌞

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      • It’s always a pleasure reading your posts and enjoying the beautiful pictures 😊
        20c is great I guess after the many minuses 😁 so glad it’s getting better! Finally🌞🌞🌞
        Sure the birds are waiting 🦢 🐦 😊 and greetings to Muffin who looks so happy with her favorite toy 😸😸
        have a great sunny day 🌞🌞 🐱

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      • Thanks Huguette! Well, the birds are fed and happy for a while once again. Temps of 20 are normal for us for this time of year although it can get warmer.🌞 Muffin meows her thanks and greetings to you!😸 I hope your day is a great one!😃

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      • Cool 🌞🌞 hope it will always get warmer then 😊 my day is a regular working day, all is good thank you 🙏🏻😊

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  6. Hello Steve, I agree happiness is not a place 💚I am used to live in place far from town a peaceful and quiet place,so when I get to go to my friend’s house in town ,I can barly sleep at night!
    Yes a lot of people hate Monday , I used to be one , but not anymore , I’ve changed this vision , because like you said ,only us can make our own roles and decision ! I’ve enjoyed reading your post as always , hope you’re doing well !


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