Happy Mother’s Day!!

Hello again! I know, twice in one day.  But I wanted this to be separate.  I want to share this poem that I wrote for my mother years ago.  It was for Mother’s Day, and it was that year she died.  It’s not very well written but it came from my heart.  Here it is as a tribute to my Mother.



She carried me gently all through

The time when nothing I could do.

She held me in my time of fear;

I thank you, Lord, for mother dear.

She helped me learn how to walk,

She taught me carefully to talk,

She guided well as none other;

I thank you, Lord, for my mother.

She helped me all the way through school,

And helped me learn the ‘golden rule’.

She prayed for me when ’twas needed;

Thank you, Lord, that mother pleaded.

A lot of time with me she spent,

Most precious time that she lent;

She gave so much, as no other,

I thank you, Lord, for my mother.

Here I sit and often ponder,

My love for her still grows fonder,

We shared a lot with one another;

I thank you, Lord, for my mother.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

131 Comments on “Happy Mother’s Day!!

      • Thanks NZ! I don’t imagine it was easy for her! Do you mind if I ask what country you are from? I’m just trying to figure out what part of the world everyone is from, thought it would be interesting.🤔 I know all the different countries that show up just not who is from where. That way too I can figure out what time of day it might be so I don’t say good morning when people are going to bed!😂 enjoy your hunting!😁

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      • I am due south of you but not too far south. Closer to the ocean than Iowa. Zone 8 . Good morning it’s 11:41am. Too sunny and dry already. Hoping for rains here—it should be rainbow season now! Not a bow in sight. Maybe next week…🌈

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      • You’re as bad as me, all that to say you’re in the US! Zone 8 is a lot warmer country than here, we are at zone 3, barely, and only because of the lake, don’t have to go far, about 20 miles and it’s zone 2!🥶😁


      • Birds of a feather….bad birds.
        I remember a place in northern Canada—Larder lake? I think that was the name. I recall running screaming with my eyes closed—black flies.

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      • Yes, those black flies can get bad!! They are the only biting critter that bothers me, leaves huge itchy lumps up to an inch and a half across, mosquitoes don’t leave a mark. I have had over 60 mosquitoes bite me at one time, no reaction. Yes, I deliberately let them bite me to find out what would happen. Yes, I’m totally crazy. In some things. Why else would I be living here?😂😂

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  1. That’s a very sweet poem. I often feel that when art which comes straight from the heart is far more beautiful than that which is technically perfect. Nice words.

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    • Thank you so much for saying that Lillian, that really means a lot to me. I’m not very good with poetry, but I do like to write anyway. Maybe one day I will share more regular poems, besides my crazy poems.🙂😄

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      • My pleasur Steve, and ofcourse I hope you will post more of your poems, but when you are ready ofcourse. You are good at poetry, you have it inside yourself. Let you bloom and open up and let the pen flow over the paper, maybe you will be suprised.. I cheer on you anyway🦋

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      • Wow, thank you for your encouraging words Lillian, it makes me want to get busy and write more! Your poems have actually been an inspiration to me to write more, but I’m still nervous about sharing them. But, one of these days perhaps!😃😁

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      • Awe, thank you Steve, I am honored. I know the feeling about beeing nervous about sharing, but let the time work for you and with you, don’t push yourself if you are not ready to post it. Maybe you can write something and only feel the feeling and what is does within…🦋
        One day I read your poem Steve.
        I hope you and Muffin are ok.

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  2. These are some great words and great tribute to your mother dear Steve! May her soul rest in peace! It’s very well written because it’s coming from the heart and this is more than enough!

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  3. Steve this is to touching! So beautifully written from the heart. Such a wonderful Tribute to your Mother. She was an amazing Lady.

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  4. Your mother sounds like an amazing woman of faith, Steve! May the legacy of her love – the love of Jesus in & through her – continue to encircle your heart & life with hope everlasting. Hugs! 💞🌟🙏🌟💞


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