Coffee Time With Steve.

Hello to all my friends and thank you so much for joining me here this morning.  The coffee is ready so grab a cup, sit down and chat a while.  The sun is shining brightly on the tops of the trees and the sky is the most brilliant blue that you could imagine.  It is a bit cooler this morning, but with a nice cup of hot coffee it is still very pleasant out here on the deck.  There was a very heavy dew last night which adds to the freshness of the morning.  It brings out the soft smell of a new spring morning, nothing to compare with that.

Sir George after getting his breakfast.

Just listen to the wonderful singing of the different birds. It is quite the chorus this morning, even more than the last time we had our chat.  The many different warblers are returning now and they have some very beautiful songs to add to the many birds already here.  Did you just hear that one?  That is the song sparrow, it’s one of my favorite songs of all the birds.  That one just sings out that summer is just around the corner.  There is one right now, trying to hide in the grass.  Plus that white-throated sparrow, a simple song, but so loud and clear.  And look overhead, a pair of tree swallows with their sparkling blue feathers and such brilliant white underneath.

Song sparrow in the grass. Not very colorful, but the song from within is true beauty.

Not too far away we can hear the drumming of a pileated woodpecker.  Quite unmistakable, it is our largest woodpecker and it’s easy to distinguish it’s drumming from that of other woodpeckers.  A robin is sitting at the very top of a black ash singing with such power, and he has been at it since 3:30 am, that’s 3 hours now.  He just doesn’t want to stop.  Robins are like that.  Oh, there he goes now, down onto the lawn, looking for breakfast.  Most likely his mate is sitting on eggs now.  So he will bring the first bunch of worms and bugs back to her before looking for his own meal.

Wild strawberry plant in bloom.

Flowers are starting to bloom now, besides the dandelions.  I found some wild strawberries beginning to bloom yesterday.  In my landlord’s garden her Iceland poppies have started to bloom as well.  Look at that, a little chipping sparrow has landed on the deck down by my feet.  A very small but friendly little bird.  And over there on the lawn is a clay-colored sparrow.  Didn’t get to see many sparrows this spring since it was such a late spring.  The sparrows came and left rather quickly so I was unable to get pictures of them all.

Iceland poppy in my landlord’s garden.

And here is Rusty, one of my chipmunks.  I have been waiting for him to show up.  I never get tired of these little critters, they are just so cute and friendly.  And over there, just beyond the fence is Chatter, one of the female squirrels, and the noisiest of the group.  She enjoys sitting on that old stump while eating her peanuts.  And here comes Choco, another female, wearing her beautiful brown coat.  Oh, she stopped, she gets nervous when she sees people.  I’m still trying to make friends with that one.  She actually seemed friendlier earlier this spring.  Oh well.

Chatter, sitting on her tree stump eating a peanut.

Well, looks like the coffee pot is empty, and I know you all have a busy day ahead, and for some of you the day is coming to a close.  But the weekend is close, a time when most can relax and spend time doing things you enjoy.  I have enjoyed the time here with you today, I hope you will enjoy the rest of your day and God bless!

Clay-colored sparrow.

Steve and Muffin. ( featured image at top is a white-crowned sparrow)

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

91 Comments on “Coffee Time With Steve.

  1. Steve, I enjoyed stopping for awhile. Your words and photographs add much sunshine to my day, especially since central Ohio is gray and cloudy after heavy overnight rains. The grove of trees nearby are enjoying a heavy drink.

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    • It was nice to have you stop by today! We could certainly use some rain here, it is very dry and some small forest fires have already started. I hope your day is great!😄

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  2. Well Steve, either I need to get up earlier or you need to invest in a larger coffee pot! I truly enjoyed this mornings post! It felt like I was there on your deck watching it all! Thanks for the great start to my day! RJ

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  3. Good morning Steve 🌞 it was a good coffee break 😊 even though the day is about to end
    Glad to see all these lovely flowers, the birds and the chipmunks, it’s really amazing! And hearing the birds songs? Oh well lucky those who can enjoy that 😊
    Refill your coffee and continue 😸
    Have a great day and weekend ahead 🌞😸

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    • Thank you so much for joining in and visiting today Huguette, always a pleasure to have you here.😄 Yes, it’s a bit hard when people are from all over the world, something I never thought would happen, but a nice visit is good anytime of the day🌞🌙and I’m very thankful for your continued support! Maybe I should write one late so it will be in the morning. Hmm, wouldn’t work, I could never stay up that late!😂😂Sorry it took so long to respond, I had to go shopping this morning and because it’s a holiday weekend the stores were way too busy and the line ups at the check outs, terrible. I should have known better, but, needed some food.😂😹Enjoy your evening Huguette, another post coming out later.😄🌞

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      • You should calculate the time difference then 😁 no problem I can have coffee anytime in the day
        Now it’s 9 Pm I’m having coffee
        It’s my pleasure always to read your posts 😊
        Shopping is really stressful in weekends and holidays 😕 I hate it but sometimes we have no other choice
        Enjoy your day as well and looking forward to reading your post 😸🌞

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      • Coffee will keep me awake at night, depends how tired I am though. That shopping messed me up, now it’s hard to think!😂🤔For me that’s sort of normal anyway!😂I think I need to spend some time in the sun, back in a little while to finish that post.😄🌞

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      • I can drink coffee at midnight and sleep like babies 😁I’m used I guess
        Oh yes go back to the sun so you can forget this shopping experience 🌞🌞🌞

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      • It was nice out there in that warm sunshine and I even got some pictures too, then the battery died.😂 Sigh. But there is still time for more yet.😄🌞

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      • Not even any wind today which makes it even nicer. Little Rusty was tugging at my jeans again to get my attention while I was feeding Sir George. That is just so amazing!😄😁

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes sure it’a amazing 🙂 they are so cute! and Sir George is really special with this stand, so proud and shining 😸

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, he does look like such a proud bird standing there and he will sit there until I bring him some food! Heavy smoke from a forest fire is moving in again, a water bomber flew over heading the direction of the smoke coming up over the trees. I would say that one is not too far away. It is very dry.😕😲

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      • It’s so dry in the forest right now and many times people who live in the country will try burning grass and it gets out of control and off into the trees it goes. Other times a campfire is all it takes. A single campfire one time started a fire that burned 200,000 acres. In one afternoon it went from that campfire to 10,000 acres. Goes fast when the forest is dry.😲 Hopefully it can be stopped fast.

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      • oh damn a disaster! I can imagine, but they should really punish these people so they really think twice before burning any fire if they can’t control it

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      • Not sure how I missed your comment, sorry about that. Looks like they must have stopped the fire, likely was small enough, but obviously not far away the way I could see that smoke coming up over the trees. Never like to see that, I have had to evacuate before because of fires. There is stiff fines, a person/s can be billed for the cost, face jail time or in the case of some US fishermen, not be allowed back into the country for 10 years, longer if the fine is not paid. Still doesn’t stop people, they always think they can handle their little campfire with 70km wind and dry forest. Enjoy your night.😄🌙

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      • Don’t worry and good morning 🌞 hope the sun is shining today and all fires were contained
        The problem with people they always think that it doesn’t happen to them only to others and the others think the same 😸
        Enjoy your weekend 🌞🌞

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      • Good morning Huguette! Yes, the sun is shining🌞 but another cool morning with a strong north wind, so I hope that fire is out! I hope you are having a great day so far, relax and enjoy your weekend!😃😺

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  4. I used to love listening woodpeckers in Russia. And also cuckoos birds, now it’s different ones like magpies, cockatoos, kookaburras and lorries. 😂

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  5. Wild strawberries are my favorite! Too bad they aren’t here where we are. SO envying right now 😦 But that aside. I love the photos. As always, despite living in a cold area, your post brings so much warmth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good morning Jessica, yes, wild strawberries are so good and they are quite common in this area. Thanks so much for your kind words and I hope you enjoy your weekend!😃😺


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