Another Poem To Share.

Hello everyone on this rainy day!  Here is another little poem to share with you that fits my blog title.

A Smile As Wide As A Country Sunrise

The morning sun with rays of gold,

The beauty which I do behold,

Lighting the sky, and all the while

It just reminds me of a smile.

No matter what the day may bring,

That morning sun will make me sing.

The sun shining upon the trees,

Like a gentle smile, if you please.

When mornings come I love to see,

The sun’s warm rays surrounding me.

To see this splendor, all the while

It shares with me a country smile.

Now sit with me and see this smile,

It shines each morn with such a style.

Even clouds cannot block the view,

For the morning sunshine…is you.

I hope you enjoyed my morning poem and that you will stay around for more in just a little while.  Thank you once again for joining me, and more is coming up today.

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

62 Comments on “Another Poem To Share.

  1. Good morning Steve. I was looking for your blog when you liked the song. I finished reading your poem and it is very nice. I see at least seven poems in it. Each verse is to ponder. Cheers!

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  2. Wow, I really enjoy this, and you make me smile all the way to the end of your poem🦋
    I am so glad you share this, thank you so much.
    You made a movie in my mind with you and Muffin in it, and your great nature and your beautifuls animals outside.
    I call it everyday happiness🦋
    Enjoy your day.

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    • Thank you Lillian for reading and for your wonderfully encouraging words! I almost didn’t share this poem today but at the last minute changed my mind. Maybe sometimes I’m too critical of my own writing! But thanks again for reading and I hope you have a great evening!😃😺

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      • My pleasure Steve🦋
        I know the feeling of being too critical of my own art and words, there is no good feeling. Recognize the feeling and let it go … please be kind to yourself.

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    • Thank for those kind words Huguette.😃 I am always too critical with my poems and so hesitate to share them, almost didn’t with this one. Guess I need to stop the critical idea so much.😂

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      • Well I’m sure many fellow bloggers will help more than me regarding poetry 😊 for me it was good and pleasant to read so yes you probably should stop being so critical 😁

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      • I was quite surprised at how many liked the poem. I wish I still had all my poems, I have written over 400, but not many survived. Over the years that I have written poems I have only received negative responses to them except twice, that didn’t help to decide if I should put them on my blog. But I will continue to share now and then. Thanks again Huguette!😃😺

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  3. Very well written 👍♥️
    Enjoy reading this!!
    Don’t hesitate!! Keep writing keep sharing your excellent work

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