Rainy Days.

Hello everyone on this rainy afternoon here at Steve’s Country.  There are a lot of people who don’t like rainy days.  Rainy days can get people feeling moody, discouraged and even depressed.  Those dull looking clouds kind of bring with them a heavy weight sometimes making us feel terrible and grumpy.  But why?  Because we look at things wrong.

A daffodil in my landlord’s garden.

In the natural world we have nice sunny days and days with rain and storms.  Both are very necessary for plants to grow and thrive.  If every day was sunshine, then all the plant life would dry out, wither and never be able to live they way they should.  Same with animals.  All animals depend on plants, but they also need water.  So rain is once again necessary for their well being and growth.  With only sun, everything would be weak and might survive, but never be able to thrive.

A female purple finch sitting in the apple tree.

It’s the same in a different way.  In our lives comes days of sunshine when things are going well, we  have lots of energy and can really get things done.  But, there are also those rainy days.  That’s the ones when problems and difficulties come our way.  But like the natural rain, we need these rainy days in our lives too.  Those times of problems help us to grow strong in our lives.  They help give us what we need so that when the sunny days return, we can then grow, thrive and have that energy needed to move ahead in our lives.  Don’t look at rainy days as something terrible.  Look at them as a chance to grow, to get stronger, to learn, so that we can thrive in our lives.

The poor birds sometimes look quite wet as they sit outside looking for seeds.  They are quite dry however, well protected under that layer of water proof feathers.  Not many birds around here right now.  There is a lot of warblers coming back now however.  And they are some of the most colorful of our summer birds.  But, they are small and mostly stay high in the trees.  Or they stay hidden in the thick bushes.  Plus they are very energetic birds making it very hard to get pictures of them.  I think I would need a good telephoto lens to capture those little beauties.

This little chipmunk is Rusty.

I went outside to feed Sir George and afterwards I turned to come back in and I felt something.  I looked down to see Sylvester sitting on my foot, looking up at me.  He looked so cute sitting there.  Of course my camera was inside.  There wasn’t enough light to get a good picture anyway.  Perhaps another day.  I’m glad two of my chipmunks came back, they are really a joy to have around.  Even if some people think they are dangerous animals.  One female squirrel is quite friendly now, the others don’t come around too much, so it’s a little harder to make friends with them.  But I will keep trying.

A yellow Iceland poppy this time.

Flowers are starting to bloom now around my landlord’s yard, and it will just keep getting better.  I want to try and get pictures of more wildflowers this summer too and I will likely be sharing a lot of them for you to see and enjoy.

Golden corydalis.

Rainy days are good for getting things done inside.  Like cleaning.  Dusting, this one takes a while.  I think I have too much stuff.  Okay, I know I have too much stuff.  So it takes a fairly long time to get it done.  I admit, not one of my most favorite things to do.  Well, think I will leave it there for today, thank you all for joining me once again.  Muffin has stayed sleeping for most of the day so far.  Enjoy the remainder of your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

39 Comments on “Rainy Days.

    • Thanks, they are a bit more cooperative than the birds, they don’t run away or fly away, though they sometimes sway away!📷😂


  1. My favourite when it is heavy rain and after sun is coming out. Anyway, accepting rain as great event it is smart. Rain is beautiful and it gives us lots of benefits. I love rain. Sometimes it is difficult to go out when storm hits Australia but it is still possible and fine. ☔️☔️☔️🌧🌧🌧⛈⛈⛈🌦🌦🌧🌨🌨🌨🌦🌦🌦🌥⛅️🌤☀️☀️☀️

    Liked by 3 people

    • Rain is nice, I have often gone walking in the rain, especially when it’s a warm summer rain, it’s very nice and always smells so nice too. It was mostly just a light rain today, we need a good heavy rain to soak the forest thoroughly. Thanks for reading and for your nice comment.😁🌧😄

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  2. Good morning Steve 🙂 Hope today will be as great as yesterday despite the rainy day, and you’re right it can’t be sunshine the entire time, rain is needed. I don’t like rain, or clouds, they change my mood but I do understand that life cannot be sunshine the entire time, I actually had few sunshine in my life, it was mostly raining with thunder and lightning haha
    The flowers are really amazing and Rusty is so cute as usually 🙂 I wish you a great day ahead full of beautiful pictures 😁 😁

    Liked by 2 people

    • Good morning Huguette! It is raining here again, we actually didn’t get much yesterday but it has been raining lightly all night, supposed to clear a bit today so maybe more pictures will be coming. Thanks for your encouraging words on my pictures. Was hoping by now to have a greater variety to share but the late spring changed that idea! Oh well, more chances yet. Yes, I can understand sometimes we seem to get a lot of rainy and stormy days so sunshine is very welcome. 🌞Though not like you, but I too have had a lot of rain and storms in my life, just in different ways. It’s cool enough inside that I need to wear a jacket indoors today!😂 Muffin doesn’t seem to notice.😹Even though another work day I do hope you have a great day!😁🌞

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hope the spring will show up and more pictures will come 😊
        Each person has its own struggles and they’re big enough for them, even if other people seem to have bigger problems
        Jacket indoors 😁 seems a bit cold then
        Muffin is not feeling cold then 😸😸
        My day is very good thank you 😊 and even if working day, it must be a good day 🌞🌞😸

        Liked by 1 person

      • My landlord doesn’t think heat is needed this time of the year.😂But in this part of the country we can sometimes need heat in July!🥶I like to think that each day is a good day, even when things don’t work out quite right. Think I need more coffee to warm me up.☕😁

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  3. Very nice post and pictures.
    Thank you for following my blog and i hope you will like my posts!

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  4. I love rainy days AND Mondays. Although here in the midwest it’s getting a tad ridiculous. I sure don’t mind, but my farmer friends can’t get in their fields. So I’ll enjoy the rain for myself, but pray for some relief for them!
    BTW – Love your photos.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yes, some places get too much rain sometimes and others not enough. Out west here they need rain desperately for the farmers and around here the forest is dangerously dry, so getting rain is much needed. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Have a great day!😃

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  5. Sylvester sitting on your foot looking up.. that is so cute 🙂

    You are right about the rainy days, weeks or months as they can either totally get one down or give them a chance to reflect and grow.

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