Category: Rainy Days

Wandering With Wednesday.

A big HELLO to all of my dear readers on this very wet Wednesday.  We did get a lot of rain overnight and this morning, and we certainly needed it.  As long as it stays outside.  Some of you may remember when my apartment…

Rain…A Poem.

RAIN Clouds are forming in the west, Coming soon to do their best. Refreshing rain on the way, I hope it stays all the day. Spattered drops upon the pane, Beauty in those drops of rain. Oh, such music I do hear, Calms the…

Rainy Days.

Hello everyone on this rainy afternoon here at Steve’s Country.  There are a lot of people who don’t like rainy days.  Rainy days can get people feeling moody, discouraged and even depressed.  Those dull looking clouds kind of bring with them a heavy weight…

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