Stress Is Mess…A Poem.

Welcome everyone to another poetic adventure.  I’m not quite sure what kind of adventure.  Some are good, some perhaps not so good.  But they are all me.  I think.  I wrote them anyway.

Stress Is Mess

As I walk along the trail,

All my stress begins to pale.

Stop, and see a tiny flower,

Sun or storm it lives with power.

Watching now the river flow,

Bringing life to make things grow.

Towering pines, such majesty,

Filling the upper canopy.

Then looking down I see below,

A soft thick mat of moss does grow.

There, sitting on a branch in view,

A little bird in brilliant blue.

The songs of others fills the air,

Singing so loud without a care.

So why do I hold on to stress?

Sing aloud and forget the mess!

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

100 Comments on “Stress Is Mess…A Poem.

  1. I love this! I could picture everything you were describing and I could feel the stress melt away. Thanks! ☀️💚☀️

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  2. Oh yes « Sing aloud and forget the mess! » great words and another great poem 👌
    Good job Steve for all these lovely poems 😸😸

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      • Yes, but talented in what? That’s the problem.😂😂I do enjoy writing poems though, not really sure why.🤔Some definitely don’t turn out so well!😂😹 I have been asked by someone to let Muffin write a poem, so I might try that and see what happens!😽If you ever need someone to nominate for an award, Muffin is always open to the challenge!😄😸

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      • Good morning Steve 😊 Hope you’re good today! Oh well when we’re good at something, we’re good, we don’t ask why 😀 this is what talented mean 😊
        Looking forward for Muffin skills in poetry😂😹 and will keep in mind Muffin in my future nominations 😄😸 Must choose some convenient questions 😄

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      • Good morning Huguette! Feeling great today and I hope your day is going well, into afternoon already for you. Hey, I am talented in stupidity, does that count?😂😹Muffin is looking forward to her poetry demonstration later this week. Finally have all the pics I need for this travel thing so will be doing that today, so get ready for your first tag on this one! Temp was 23C yesterday and going to 25 today, very nice for us. Didn’t get many pictures yesterday though, didn’t even see my chipmunks at all, not good. Have a great afternoon!😃🌞😺

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      • My day is great thank you, hope your day will be great as well 🙂 25 C oh wow! This is some great news 😀
        I don’t believe that you are even close to stupidity dear Steve, that’s for sure 🙂
        I’m ready Steve and looking forward to your post 🌞 hope the chipmunks will appear today and so many birds as well 🌞 Have a great day 😺😺

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      • Yes, finally some nice weather,🌞 it feels very warm after all the cold. I will be doing my regular adventures post first, then the travel post and if I have time, maybe even another award post today!😃😸

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      • Oh wow it will be some productive day 🌞 you need to get to work then hahaa Will catch you later on another post for sure😸😸

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  3. Did anyone wonder why it is perfect rhyme? You explained everything so beautiful Steve. 🌈🌈🌈👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    • Thanks so much Margo for your kind words of encouragement! No one mentioned anything about the rhyme, it’s the way that works best for me. 😃🌞😺

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  4. Pingback: 🌞The Sunshine Blogger Award 3.0🌞 – Sereneluna

    • Hi, thank you for stopping by and for following, it is much appreciated! I hope you will enjoy things here at Steve’s Country! Have a great day ahead!😃


      • Yes indeed! Probably get most of my ideas that way actually, and when I’m just outside sitting with my many animal friends it gets me thinking of different things to write about. By the way, I’m always up early, today at 3 am, about half an hour earlier than normal.😂🌞

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      • Excellent. A lot of my ideas come through exercise. For the last three years I’ve woken up around 4am. Love the morning. I’m off my 5- hour energy drinks, so had to give my body time to reboot. Getting back to the early morning hours as well!

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      • Hey, good to hear of another morning person! Most people I know hate early mornings! I have been a morning person all my life, was even born early! I love walking in the early morning most, but I will go walking any time of the day. I vary it because the wild life varies throughout the day and I like to see as much as I can.😃🌞

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  5. So lovely! I read this just at the right time as I am feeling stressed with so much to do and debating a walk (but have too much to do). So that’s it. I’m off for a walk in that most wonderful of places… Nature 🥰

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    • Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it! That’s what I do when stressed, outdoors I go and that stress leaves quickly for me. Have a great day!😃🌲

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      • I’m back and feeling so much better 🥰 I dragged (almost literally) my 11-year-old along with me… and it was really good to just get some nature time together 🥰 We both came back feeling happier and more connected to the world 🥰

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      • That’s the way to do it! And to keep it up on a regular basis is always good too, hope you will continue to enjoy and have a great day!😄😸🌞

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