Thank You! Part 3.

Good morning to everyone no matter where you are in this big beautiful world we live in!  Yes, I know it may not be morning when you read this.  But, it is morning here.  At least right now.  And it is a beautiful morning.  Here we are with part 3 of our thankfulness series.  And this is all about letting all of you know that I am so grateful for your continued support of me and my blog.  And Muffin too of course!!  Whew.  That was close.  Feet are intact.  Everything is good.

So today I say ‘hi’ to my friend Lillian over at who lives in Norway and has been a supporter of my blog for several months now.  I don’t think she ever misses even one post.  Thank you so much Lillian for all your wonderful support for myself and Muffin.  Here is what Lillian has to say;

Thank you so much Steve, who is the author behind the blogg Steve’s country.

I love to make a delicious cup of coffee and settle in my favorite place in the living room. Here I open the blog of Steve and I come into his world and get warm in my heart. He writes about his cat Muffin that I think is absolutely adorable and he describes their days. He makes me smile and I just relax with his post. He shares his collections of older things. Something I find interesting and it gives me the best childhood memories that remind me of my grandparents. The Muffin is still a little “beauti flower”, and as I realize she has a heart of gold.

Steve also takes pictures of the nature and animals he experiences there. The pictures are lovely and I get a wonderful experience of some other animals that I do not experience in Norway. I look at the pictures and enjoy the beautiful animals along with the mood of his words. I understand that Steve loves nature and he gets peace of mind and of his little birds and squirrels. I see he gets in touch with these little ones. It’s totally magical. Thank you so much Steve for that I can follow you and join you in your world. I am so grateful.

Please do visit Steve and you get a ride in his world you never forget, and the touch with nature is indescribable.


Thank you once again Lillian for your kind words and for being a part of Steve’s Country now for quite some time.  It is a real joy to have you here!  Muffin also purrs her gratitude for the wonderful things you say about her.

Thank you to every one of you for being part of Steve’s Country and joining us here today!  I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


45 Comments on “Thank You! Part 3.

  1. This is another great thank you post from you Steve 🙂 Lillian is a great person and a very kind and respectful as well, and she lives in my favorite country 😺
    What she said is true and we enjoy your coffee breaks and birds and nature and all the adventures and Muffin as well 😁 Hope your day is productive and great 🌞

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  2. Awe, Steve, you are so beautiful, I am speechlees.
    You deeply warm my heart and touch my soul.
    I am so grateful that you are you, and I don’t know how to put it in English… but, thank you so much❤️
    You fill my heart with so much joy.
    I wish you a wonderful day.

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  3. Good evening Steve, cup of coffee, as you already know my favourite thing of the day and your pictures are wonderful, oho since i was busy you have been posting a lot❤️

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    • Thanks so much for stopping by Ilona, it’s always so nice to have you here for a visit! Yes indeed, getting lots of posts in these days, I learned that from someone, just took me a while to start doing it!! Hope you have had a wonderful day!😁💗😸

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  4. Part 3!? Wow, I missed a lot over the weekend! I gotta catch up! 😄 I agree with Lillian’s description of Steve’s Country by the way, it’s very relaxing! 😄

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  5. Yep. Except for being my polar opposite when it comes to what time of day is the best. I agree with everything Lillian has said. You and Muffin are amazing and I how you put so much love and warm on your every post.

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