Steve’s Vacation: Part 4.

Hello to all my faithful readers and friends on this beautiful, warm and sunny Thursday!  Well, here I am, back at home again.  It was quite a reunion with my little Muffin!  I’m sure we were both just as excited to see each other.  She did not want to leave me, just kept wanting more attention and love, while also purring non stop!  And I am quite certain she is looking forward to helping with my blog once again.  Especially the award posts, she just loves those.

My hotel and home for 8 days.


I guess you probably know by now that I thoroughly enjoyed my little holiday!! But it’s worth repeating anyway.  It was just fantastic!!! And to be in such a place on my birthday, well, that just made it even better.  And my beautiful guide and wonderful friend, Ilona, made this holiday and birthday even more special for me!

The front entrance with large oak revolving doors and marble pillars. The floors inside are red, white, gray and black marble. Stairs are marble. This was an old palace so much of the old remains in place, but the rooms are normal hotel rooms. Very nice place.



So,  where was I? Well, actually I already mentioned it in Part 3 of my vacation posts. I really can’t be more specific than saying the name of the city, which I did.  But, I will be posting a poem shortly that will also let you know where I have been.  I know that many of you have already guessed it right, and I am sure that the rest of you will know after reading the poem.  Yes, I know.  I’m a terrible person. I just can’t help it.

Palms of various kinds and sizes are everywhere, these are outside the hotel.

When I left yesterday morning, it was hot and humid.  And that was right at the start of the day.  Talk about Nice!!  The taxi driver, on the way to the airport,  said he prefers the cooler temps of winter.  You know, getting down to 12 or 15 C. I said, that’s a nice spring day back home. He asked if I was  from England, I said no, from Canada. In winter I said, it can get down to -40C and sometimes even colder.  He turned aroung and stared at me. Nearly hit a guy on a motorcycle!

Across the street from the hotel is a great spot to sit and look out over the sea. A favorite spot for me in early morning and evening.  So calming out there looking out over the sea.

There are a lot of motorcycles in that city, small ones.  The streets are also very narrow and parking is almost non existent.  So small motorcycles are a good choice for sure.  Especially in one area of the city called old town.  It really is a fascinating section of the city.  Very narrow streets between buildings.  Really they are more like sidewalks, but people do drive cars through there as well.  If I went into that section by myself, I would get lost for sure.  I would still be there wandering around. Never to be heard from again. But at least I would be warm.

There were many different types of flowering trees everywhere.

Muffin and I would be very happy living in Nice!  Hey, I found out they even have chipmunks over there.  Maybe not around the city, but in the country at least.  So Chipmunk Appreciation Day would fit over there too.  Does this mean I might move over there?  Sigh.  Unfortunately some things are just impossible to do.  But it is a wonderful thought anyway!  It’s good to think about wonderful things, joyful things, right things, positive things! Instead of always looking at things from a negative viewpoint.  The more we think about the positive things in life, the less we think about the negative.  A lot of people try to get rid of negative thoughts. But they forget it needs to be replaced with all those good and positive thoughts which help to make us feel so much better.

Finally got a picture of that dove sitting outside one of the windows of the hotel. Looks just like our mourning dove, probably the European type of mourning dove. Haven’t looked it up yet.

In case you’re wondering, I won’t be showing all of my pictures right away.  I want to save a lot of them for winter use.  When the temps are around -30 to -40C, it will be great to use these pictures and remember those Nice hot days.

There is just so much beauty wherever one looks.

Well, guess it is time to close this off once more.  Thank you everyone for joining me back here at Steve’s Country.  Hopefully I will get back to daily reading of your posts and getting my posts done as well.  Until next time, enjoy the remainder of your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

91 Comments on “Steve’s Vacation: Part 4.

    • Thanks for reading Michelle! Yes, Muffin was excited alright! Just stayed glued to me, even today! I’m still so tired today, such a long day yesterday, 17 hour journey. But so worth it! Have a great evening!😃😺

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  1. Lovely pics! I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself, but Muffin is so glad you are home! Hope you get rested from all that walking! You will probably need a vacation just to get over the vacation! 😄

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Wow Steve ! Thats good you enjoyed this short trip…. ✨ I wish muffin was with u on your travel, but as u mentioned u can’t keep her in cage. Looking forward to ur poem.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for reading Simon!! It was a fantastic time for sure, but I should have planned for a slightly longer trip. However, I think Muffin was happy it wasn’t longer! More coming up!! Enjoy your day!😃😺

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to read Lillian!! I see you have some posts from Denmark I will check on today, was just too tired yesterday to do much at all!! Feel great today and yes, a lot of great memories and pictures of my holiday, it was just such a fabulous time!!! I hope you have a wonderful day as well Lillian and that you are enjoying your time in Denmark!!😃🌞😺😁

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  3. Welcome back dear Steve and so glad it was a great trip 😊the hotel is beautiful and the surroundings, Nice is very beautiful and I’m sure Ilona was a great guide, you posted a smart picture of her before that people didn’t know she’s your guide 😊
    People don’t believe that at some places the temperature can be -40 ! I don’t either, I think that it’s not livable actually 🙄 hopefully one day you and Muffin will live in a warm and beautiful place like Nice 🌞🌞😸 hope you had rest and have a good time 🌞😸

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Huguette! Yesterday I was so tired, but today I’m back to normal, lots of energy again. I was surprised that people didn’t recognize Ilona in that picture! Yes, -40 is amazingly cold and last winter we actually had one day that was -50,🥶 good weather to stay indoors and drink lots of coffee!☕ It is hard to believe living in this climate and if I could, I would move someplace warmer!!🌴But some things are just not possible. So we make do with what we have I guess. It is a beautiful day here though at 28C, not bad for us. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!😃😺🌞

      Liked by 1 person

      • Glad you refilled some energy 😊 it’s great!
        Oh I did recognized here and I commented something as I remember as a hint
        These temperatures are not logical at all! Same as 50c or 45 c of heat!
        28 is a great weather, we have around 29 today after few weeks of around 38
        Wish you a great week-end as well 😸🌞

        Liked by 1 person

      • Right now it is 26 but should hit 28 in an hour or so. We can actually get as high as 38 some summers, though not for a long time now, seems to be getting colder all the time. 45C would be hot even for me! 30-35 is about right. Thank you Huguette!😃🌞😺

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes I keep hearing the fellows in India and some other countries speaking about 45 and more! Not easy at all
        Moderate temperature is always good I believe, and not easy to be found 🌞🌞😸

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, some places too hot, some too cold. I’m still amazed that people even want to live around here with our long cold winters. I mean, most people here could likely move elsewhere in Canada without any problem, and there are some warmer locations in the country. Well, somewhat warmer. More than half of the senior population here heads south to southern US locations for the winter.😃🌞🌴Have a great day tomorrow!😁

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      • Good morning Steve and hope you’re having a good day 🌞 people maybe have many reasons other than weather for sure otherwise some places would be empty I guess 😊 if they can leave in winter, it’s very good! Many don’t have this choice
        Have a great weekend 😸🌞

        Liked by 1 person

      • Good afternoon to you Huguette! Yes, some people do have reasons for staying in a place like this I guess, after all, I’m still here and I could have left years ago! Now I’m stuck here, oh well, one of those things. Enjoy your weekend Huguette!😃🌞😺

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  4. Welcome back, Steve! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. Your hotel is exquisite and seems you had a wonderful time. I know Muffin is glad you’re back!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks so much Eugenia! Yes, Muffin is happy to have things back to normal for sure! I did have a fabulous time on this vacation, just what I needed!😃😺🌞

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Tsk. I already guessed it right the first time but your replies misled me. Muffin, please don’t ever give Steve a chance to post. Please take over this blog for a month or more and make it Purrfect! 😹

    Liked by 2 people

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