Careless Fire…A Poem.


Across the river, what a view,

Such wondrous places are so few.

Water so cool and very clear,

Home of wildlife, coming so near.

Pelicans flying here to fish,

For better food they could not wish.

The mighty eagle here is found,

Also for fish it looks around.

It’s the home of the tall white pine,

Towering giant, oh so fine.

There is nothing quite like the sounds

Of wind through pines, music abounds.

Little ducklings bobbing along,

Tiny they are, swimming so strong.

Such bounty, for all to enjoy,

Yet quickly careless fire can destroy.

Β© 2019 Steve McLeod.

22 Comments on “Careless Fire…A Poem.

  1. beautiful words and great description as well for the beauty of nature and creatures before ruining them by careless people and careless fire! Very well written Steve πŸ™‚

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    • No, probably take a while, it’s just so dry and the area is hard to get at. Some of the fires they are just letting burn, too far from communities to worry about them.

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      • Fortunately the fires are small so far, the largest is now 15,000 acres, but since some they are not fighting, those could get especially large, some years fires like that have hit 500,000 acres before rain finally stopped them. Does a lot of damage, though it does come back, but takes many years to return to normal again.

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  2. Beautiful, and how I could feel your words in my bones and my heart put me into this piece of art you create it is peace of mind.
    Enjoy your day Steve.

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